Monday, June 2, 2008

Week 5, Day 6.

I'm not nauseous today! I feel great! I have energy! Good times.

But you know what? It also kind of makes me nervous. Last time I woke up "symptom-free" I was in the midst of a miscarriage but didn't know yet.
Still haven't heard from the OBGYN about an appointment. If I don't hear by Thursday I'll give my doctor a buzz and see what's happening. I'm not in a rush to see a doctor, I don't really need to yet, but I just want things under control, you know?

I was cramping a bit last night still, but nothing today. Slept like a baby last night, which is nice for a change. I know I'm only in the very very early stages of pregnancy, but I have been very uncomfortable trying to sleep. The boobs are one issue, they're so sore I can't really get comfortable (I've been a stomach-sleeper for my whole life) unless I'm on my back, but then Chicken and Ling Ling decide to walk all over me and crush my boobs and make bread on my stomach and, argh, it's difficult to sleep!

Gotta love the cats. And here they are:

Ling Ling

All for now.

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