Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tonight at yoga not only did I feel like a walrus, but I discovered my balance has gone to hell. I had to lean against a wall just to bend my friggin' knee.

The sad thing is I don't think it had anything at all to do with being pregnant.

Update on the bellybutton: it is now almost 3/4 of the way to being a full outie. So cute!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

  • Weight gain: so far only 17 lbs in total. Not bad.

  • Blood pressure: 100/60.

  • Fundal height is 27 or 28, so right on track.

  • Baby's heartbeat was 150. Which reminds me... since we have the doppler, I'm going to record his heartbeat and put it on here. Must get on that! Must get on alot of things.

  • Blood work: aok. No diabetes. BUT, GP called thismorning wanting to see me to discuss blood results (why? She hasn't called me in 6 months and I've had loads of bloodwork with this pregnancy) So I go in and they tell me I'm anemic. But my OB said all was good. So I'm a bit confused. Left a message with my OB earlier, I'll take her word for it, whatever that may be when I hear back.

  • Speaking of GP... I'm looking for a new one. Anyone who may be reading this from Greater Vancouver recommend one in Burnaby or East Van? I don't want to drive too far for a doctor's appointment for my child. Me? I usually go 30 minutes away to appointments because I don't mind, but not if I'm panicking when my baby's umbilical cord is falling off and I want to get to a doctor YESTERDAY out of sheer panic. ;-) Ya know? Let alone if he gets really sick...

  • Vaccines. Brought up the fact (with my GP thismorning) that we are starting discussions on whether or not we are going to vaccinate and everything to do with that. Well, the response I got was pretty rude to say the least. And after I told her that I didn't want to know her thoughts, just her facts, I also asked for the list of vaccinations and vaccination schedule for babies. So now we have that information to go forward with our research. Yikes.

Anyone care to weigh in on why you DIDN'T or why you DID decide to vaccinate? Facts and sources would be fantastic too please so me and the D-Man can follow up on this end.

27 weeks along!

A bit about mom:
I'm tired. So very very tired. Not just sleepy, but tired. Need a nap in the afternoon (need more than want), then I'm up until after midnight (which is great actually, I get to spend time with my husband. He's a night owl.). I wake up again around 4 or 5am for a bit, then back to sleep until about 8. It's odd. I'm finding that I tire easily, just walking even. Going into Costco yesterday (you know, they have NO baby stuff at all. Except diapers.), I had to keep yelling out to Donald to wait up. I was trailing behind at a snails pace. This totally crept up on me over the past week or so. I need to take my time.

And I'm surprisingly ok with that.

I've popped again over the past 4 days or so. All of a sudden, the belly is much bigger.

Lovin' it. Will have to get some more pics up soon. Wait... maybe I'll set up the camera now....

Decided my coat-sweater thing isn't going to cut it, and am going to spend the money on a maternity winter coat/jacket. It's just getting too cold, and Donald and I love to grab a coffee and stroll Robson later in the evenings, so I don't want to give that up. Even though it may take me an hour to get from one block to the next!

My feet are doing weird things. I'm not really gaining that much weight, and am only swollen once in a while, but my shoes don't really fit. I've heard that the bones in your feet kind of spread out or something to help distribute weight (does this happen when people just gain alot of weight too, not necessarily just pregnant women?). Anyhoo, I am now shopping for the winter coat AND comfy shoes to wear with jeans. I won't be dressing up for any cocktail parties (sigh, I SO miss heels) this Christmas, so casual shoes it is.

And the baby?

He's rockin' and rollin' in there. I had a doctor appointment yesterday so asked her exactly how he was laid out in there, because there's something sticking out by my belly button (WHAT BELLY BUTTON?) in the morning when he (and me) is waking up and I don't know if it's his head, his bum, or a REALLY REALLY big foot.

Turns out it's his bum. His little bum! He's head down, diagonal right now.

He weighs about 2 lbs and is 15 inches long from head to toe. That's friggin' big. I know I always sound so amazed... it's because I AM. Wild times for the Lee family these days.

Apparently this week, or next, is the actual week his little eyes will start to open and close. And he'll start to dream too! Must tell him great stories before bedtime. No ghost stories this halloween!
Best news I've received this week?

I can eat sushi while breastfeeding!

SUSHI! That totally made my day! Tojo's here I come. That's going to be my first meal. I'm so happy I can eat sushi while breastfeeding. So, so happy.

Here's the 27 week belly shot (I've got to learn how to use my camera so i don't have 7 chins each time I snap!)


Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh God.

This was the first yoga class where I felt like a walrus.

Not a beached whale... A friggin' walrus. I felt heavy and uncoordinated and stiff.

It was glorious!

I'm hitting that stage. That stage where, even though I'm not gaining much weight, I'm getting heavier. Or I'm feeling heavier anyway.

I've popped again as well. As my brother-in-law said last night (a few of us went on The Haunted Vancouver Trolley tour), "your air bag has deployed". Nice one. But so true!

I was laying there on the mat and realized I just couldn't put my foot up by my hand anymore. And when I bent over to do some stretchy thing sitting in cross-legged, my belly hit my ankle and just kind of plopped there. There's a girl in the class (also a Stephanie, whom I quite like.), and I looked over at her at one point and she's flailing about as well. We all were. It was friggin' hilarious.

Our instructor, Brenna (a gem), is this gorgeous thin flexible creature WHOM I USED TO BE! I used to be in modelling. I used to be in figure skating, in majorettes, in syncronized swimming. I went to circus school. I used to be graceful and flexible and nimble.

And there I was, flailing about on the floor like a fish washed up on the shore.

A very very heavy fish.

It was a fun night at yoga.

Tomorrow, I'm 27 weeks along. Shall report back!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Had a very very busy day yesterday, trapsing all over town, but it was so great. Me and mom hung out. Hit the "Vancouver's Largest Baby Shower" at Heritage Hall on Main.

It sucked.

The best part was standing in line and laughing with mom. Even though we STOOD IN LINE FOR 1.5 HOURS! Not well organized by any means. And by the time we got in, they were out of gift bags. I am consoling myself by believing the contents were probably only collateral of sponsors, partners, etc.

Mom enjoyed the baby sign language seminar and I enjoyed chatting with the cloth diaper folks. Actually got to see and feel so I know more of what I'm getting myself into! Other than that, I didn't really see anything (AT ALL) of interest. And I was nearly decapitated by a very excited pregnant woman who turned quickly to point to someone on the other side of the room.

1.5 hours in line. 20 minutes in show.

Next stop was Chapters and lunch.

I'm disappointed in Chapters. Every time I go in to buy something in particular, they don't have it. BUT, it's cheaper online anyway, so that's the silver lining. This is the 2nd time I was in looking for 5 books and I ended up leaving and ordering last night from the comfort of my bed.

On it's way?

  • The Girlfriend's Guide to Baby Gear. Was loaned this one, but I'm a highlighter and page marker so want to get my own copy. Lots of fantastic tips on what to buy, how much to buy, where to buy, etc.
  • The Mind of your Newborn Baby. Was recommended by my girlfriend Dena and I totally trust her ideas so I bought it without a second thought.
  • Dr. Robert Sears', The Vaccine Book. Apparently this is the best to get both sides of the vaccine story. Want to make sure we're well-versed to make the decision IF we're going to and if so, when we're going to, and what ones we'll go for. Scary decision. But there you go.

After Chapters we went for lunch at The Red Door. Was there with Dena ages ago and thought mom might find it good. And it's in a neighbourhood she hasn't been to yet and I love, so off we went. Had a delicious lunch and headed out to Ikea where I bought a few drawer organizers for baby clothes (I don't think I need anything anymore! Went through 2 more rubbermaids last night that my sister-in-law gave us. I think we're pretty much ok for the first 6 months. Except "going out" clothes.) Anyway, bought a couple of pictures for the house too - after 1.5 years of living here, we're finally putting stuff up on the walls and had a blank spot to fill!).

So it was a great day, sunny and crisp. Today I'm going to tackle the front yard and hit the Scrapbooking Store to find an envelope for the little guy's Baby Book to put all the overflow info, stories, pictures, etc. I'm filling it up and he's not even born yet!

All for now. I'm exhausted from writing this so I might take a nap before hitting the yard. Oh the joys of pregnancy... I can get away with having a nap 2 hours after I get up!


Random updates.

Just a few notes for tonight:

Re: my cold. Thanks so much for your well wishes. This cold is actually the worse part of my pregnancy. It's been a breeze up until now. And it's just the cold that is bad, the pregnancy still rocks!

Re: rolling over at night. I was trying to put it into words but couldn't exactly find the right way to describe it. Some ways you all did was beached whale (yes), production (yes) ordeal (yes), but I've finally found the phrase that I've been trying to reach.... it's like a friggin' three-point turn! Seriously, it's like a 3-point turn.

Re: cloth diapers: back to wanting to use them. If they don't work with our little guys needs, we'll just use disposable instead. Done.

Re: vaccinations: just now ordered the Dr. Sears (his son actually, Robert I think?) book on vaccines. We'll see.... lots more posts on this topic, I'm sure.

And a final note before I shut the light off for the night: it is easy to second guess myself about so many decisions -from what colour to paint the nursery, to the circumcision decision. BUT, I do have to trust that I'm not the first woman to ever go through this. Every mom was, at one time, a first timer! I have to remember that and continue on.

And right now I'm going to continue on with putting myself into bed for the night! I'm exhausted.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm dreadfully sick with a cold. Feel horrendous. Is it multiplied because I'm pregnant? Or are colds getting worse becuase I'm aging? Hey, last Christmas I was deathly ill with a cold, it was freaky. It was just a cold, but it knocked me out for three days.

Anyhoo, I'm sick. I have a cold. I can't think.

But a quick update: The D-Man and I have finally agreed on the circumcision dealio. It was Round 4 last night. He told me who he talked to, I told him who I talked to, then we both got on a computer and did some more research. I was visiting Dr. Pollock of Circumcision Vancouver (who, for some reason, kind of freaks me out. Reminds me of a hair-plug surgery website... scarey), and he was over visiting the folks of the Canadian Children's Rights Council.

On Dr. Pollock's website, it states that he gives them sugar-coated pacifiers to take their attention away. I voiced my concerns over this, and that "So he's trying to create an alternate reality for a newborn so he won't feel pain. A NEWBORN. CREATING AN ALTERNATE REALITY FOR A NEWBORN." Uh, hello???? Sybil, anyone? When Rabbit Howls anyone? (Ok, ok, that might be a bit extreme, but that's exactly where I went. I mean, it's just to take his attention away - and Donald does the same thing to get a bandaid off me.... but it still freaked me out). Anyway, as I was voicing my concern over this, Donald silently got up and walked into the kitchen.

"We're not circumsizing."

I was shocked silent. I mean, I thought we'd have a few more goes at this. What changed his mind was the information on the Canadian Children's Rights Council website.

So I didn't really know what to do at that moment. I saw the look on his face and my heart hurt. He looked almost defeated. I said to him, "I feel like I've taken a piece of you away."

His response?

"At least we won't be taking a piece of our son away."

So I knew he was ok and we had a good chuckle and actually chatted about it instead of butting heads. If only 13.9% of Canadian boys are now being circumsized (as of 2003), that tells me that our little guy isn't going to be the only one in the locker room with a different looking penis, so to speak.

Two battles over and done with: exclusive breastfeeding and circumcision. Next up, cloth diapers and vaccinations. Oh joy.

(I'm sad that simple conversations over these kind of things tend to turn into WWIII in our household. It always turns into a battle - one of us trying to "win". And that's sad because it's not about that, it's about trying to make the best choices for our baby until he can make his own choices. But we lose track of that most times. Perhaps bringing that into the consciousness will help to change things from here on out.)

All for now.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3rd Trimester! Here we are. We've made it this far. Week 26. My god. Week 26!

(The cucumber pic is the only picture I could find that shows the relative size right now. Weird, I know.)

The little guy is still taking little breaths, even though it's amniotic fluid, it's still great practice for him. So he's a superhero to me now. I mean, did you ever try to breath liquid?

His little eyes are starting to open. HIS EYES ARE STARTING TO OPEN! He is in a growth spurt from here on out and his brain is developing at an intense rate - so nutrition is important right now. More grains and veggies! So much for the Ga Lei Bau and coconut bun (and caramel macchiato) I had for lunch. Hey, even mom has got to treat herself once in a while.

He might start jumping around more when he hears loud, unexpected noises because the nerve endings in his ears are still developing - so he responds to sound more consistently. And will from here on out. No pun intended (funnier when you say it outloud.) (or really not funny at all) (let me repost:) " he responds to sound more consistently. And will from here on out."
It's not even funny to me actually.

The placenta is equal in size to the little guy. Question - my placenta is in the front... if something happens that I have to have a c-section, will this be an issue?

And my belly button is now 1/2 and innie and 1/2 an outie. I'm having an identity crisis. My body is not my own. Weird things are happening. Werid spots showing up on my chest (that I thought was just sun damage - but it's getting worse and I'm covered up and not baking on the beach). No stretch marks though - still oiling up daily with the Escents aromatherapy stuff.

Rolling over at night is uncomfortable hilarious a production all on it's own. By the time I manage to get comfortable, I'm pretty much wide awake and have pissed off the cats and then Chicken starts to knaw on my foot and thinks it's Game On and "Oh yay, mummy's awake!" and Ling Ling just looks at me, turns her nose up and leaves the room.

At least I then have the bed to myself.

Until my husband rolls in around 3am, then it's a whole other production as I've got to get rid of my massive body pillow so he can have room too. ARGH.


The breastfeeding issue is no longer. Donald and I are on the same page and he's looking forward to all the other ways of bonding with the little guy. Circumsicion, on the other hand, is an ongoing issue - and I'm starting to rethink my decision based on what a few fathers have said, both circumsized and non-circumsized and who have circumsized their boys and some who haven't. It's been eye-opening, but it's not over yet! I still can't stand the thought of my child being cut. Of inducing trauma, knowingly. More research required...

And cloth diapers. Someone mentioned the other day that there is actually LESS diaper rash with disposables than with cloth because of the layering - that the pee is soaked into the diaper and away from baby's bum. Again, more research required. (It's not just about diaper rash, it's also about the environment but there you go.)

And another big one: vaccines. This is going to be difficult. Or perhaps not. I'm going to grab the Dr. Sears book and have a gander.

Also, your comments really help us to see through our fear of doing the wrong thing and our preconceptions, etc, so please continue to comment! Weigh in on the subjects - I love hearing from all of you. Makes me feel less alone in this journey. There's been a few lately that I have yet to respond to, but am going to in a few minutes, so feel free to browse through them for my replies.
Phew, this was a long one today.

I just put a load of baby clothes in the dryer and started to cry. I think it's all becoming more real as we start to prepare more. Start to prepare more physically with getting things ready.

We got a new (new to us) glider for free from a family member but want to reupholster it. It will cost more than buying one new. That brought tears to my eyes as well.

Tonight I'm going to post on cloth diapers - we're revisiting our decision as we've found more out about disposables. More to come! (Just remembered I'm 26 weeks today,will post that update later too.)


Saturday, October 18, 2008

A question for the boys in regards to exclusively breastfeeding:

  • Do you feel that you missed out on anything because you didn't have the opportunity to feed your baby?
  • Did it take you longer to feel a bond with your child?
  • Do you feel you missed out?
  • Were you upset with your wife/partner for choosing to exclusively breastfeed?
  • If yes, why?
  • Did you feel left out of the equation?
  • Or was there ample opportunity to bond?
  • Did you take part in other apsects such as carrying, changing, bathing, napping, walking, playing, etc, with your child?
  • Did you find this time with your baby helped with your bonding experience?
  • Do you feel this was enough?

Ladies: please pose these questions to your husbands and let me know what they say in the comments. Or better yet, let the boys comment directly! I think my husband is really worried he'll not bond with the little guy easily if he doesn't feed him, and just wants to talk to or hear from other men who have been there. I figured this blog was a great place to start.

Thanks in advance!


Friday, October 17, 2008

It's 12:20 a.m. and I just finished (for tonight) negotiating with a potential client on Twitter. Love Twitter. This is the 2nd client that's come in my direction this way. Yup, lovin' Twitter.

You know what I wish I had of remembered today? Two things:
1. Controlled folly (in impeccability)
2. This quote, from my friend Lexie: "You are a good mom, you love your baby, and you are the best person to make these choices even if your choices aren't popular."

That's the kind of day I've had. The business side of the day was FAB, the personal side of the day?


Me and the little guy are off to bed now. Husband is snoozing on the couch (what's new?!). I probably should wake him up and tell him to go to bed out of it, but whatever. I have enough to do to get my own sorry ass into the bed!

Actually, since I'm here I might as well do a very quick update:

He's on my bladder constantly. The little munchkin. If he's not kicking it, he's pushing against it. It's kind of like when you wake up in the morning and you really really have to pee and the cat jumps on your belly and lands RIGHT ON YOUR BLADDER. Yes, it's just like that only CONSTANTLY.

And it's hard for me to roll over. Seriously, it takes a few minutes. Or long seconds anyway.

That's all for now. Have a long day tomorrow, I'm sure, working out details with the new (and delightful) client and trying to close the 2nd deal so I'll have another new one. AND, gotta write a press release for the Justin Timberlake event I'm in this weekend. And follow up with celeb publicisits from last weekend. And redo my business site. And my bookkeeping. And, And, And...

I'm so tired just thinking about it, I want to go to bed right now for tomorrow night!

Speaking of tomorrow, and speaking of the draining personal day I've had, I want to research and write a post about men bonding with their babies, specifically that I'm not selfish just because I want to exclusively breastfeed and that men can bond with their newborns without feeding them. (This is not coming from my husband, just a comment that was made by someone tonight that got me worrying thinking....)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was going to write a delightful post tonight but it's now 1:15 am and I just finished installing a new FTP program since Filezilla keeps mucking up on me. So, I'm exhausted and am pretty much asleep already....



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

25 weeks today!

He's beginning to make some breathing movements - but no air in his lungs yet. His senses are developing like mad: he will respond to touch and to light. Apparently, if I shine a light on my belly, he'll turn his head in that direction. So I guess it's not a bad thing, if he's looking in the direction of the light, instead of away from the light. Good times.

He's 1.5 lbs and is about 13.5 inches long (crown to heel). He's growing! That's why, I guess, I can feel him down by my pelvis and then in the next moment, he's up past my belly button (WHAT BELLYBUTTON?). Arms and legs moving like mad in there. He's a busy little boy, doing all that growing. The structures that form the spine start to form this week, and the blood vessels in the lungs continue to develop. His nostrils are shaping up, and may even open at the end of this week.

Time is flying. It just hit me. I've got alot to do in a very short time period. Only 15 more weeks. What's freaking me out, actually, is that every time I read something about where I'm at during this point in the pregnancy, it now says, "If your baby is delivered at this time, it would have a good chance of surviving." See? It brings up the what-ifs. What IF it decides to come this early? We're not ready! So I'm freaking out a bit. Anyhoo, Don is going to paint the nursery in November when he's taking a few weeks off. We're going to hit the States to buy the nursery furniture (depends how the dollar looks), and I've got to register for my shower - I'm simply assuming that someone is going to have one for me. I hope someone is, they're always fun... except I won't be drinking. And I don't want any of those lame-ass games. I'd just like to spend an afternoon with my best gal pals, is what it boils down to.

So, onto the mom. What's happening with me this week?

I'm getting cramps, which hasn't happened since early in my 2nd trimester. And I guess it's the ligaments that are stretching on either side of my belly as well.... when I back up my car or turn too sharply, they pull. It feels like two bungy cords in there. Or springs or something. Anyhow, I'm sure it's normal.

It's difficult to sleep through the night. I get quite conjested. I also have a hard time getting comfortable, and rolling over is a whole production on it's own. I really would like the whole bed to myself so I can be comfy, but I don't think Donald would take that very well. Although if he says one more time that the best part of my turkey soup was the bun, he can sleep at his mother's for the rest of the pregnancy.

My uterus is the size of a volleyball. That's pretty friggin' big. My yoga teacher is bringing in some pictures of where everything is inside as I can't find anything online. If you can believe that - nothing online anywhere. I just am wanting to know where everything, other organs and such, go when the uterus expands so much. Things are moved around in there and pushed up, etc, and I can't find pictures of that anywhere.

I'm heading off this week for the blood work to check for diabetes. Nothing exciting there, just updating you.

I just read that this is when some pregnant women start to pee themselves.

Maybe that's how I can get the whole bed to myself.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

24 weeks!

6 months. My God, where Did the time go? Seriously. I just found out I was pregnant, like, yesterday, so how in the world can I be six months along already. The time is flying by.

It's actually kind of sad. I'm enjoying my pregnancy so much. I've never felt better, healthier, than I have with this pregnancy. How am I going to feel when the little guy is on the outside, and I can only see his kicks, not feel them pounding incessantly against by bladder gently tapping me with love from the inside?

A quick recap:

  • Found out I was pregnant. Even though we had planned on it, I was surprised in a way
  • Off the charts delighted!
  • Quit all the bad stuff (cigarettes and wine) (and soft cheese and sushi) (and caffeine)
  • Constipation city
  • Discovered, finally, prune juice
  • Nauseus for 7 weeks
  • found out my best gal pal was pregnant too
  • smooth sailin'
  • lovin' the belly
  • found out we're having a boy!

And the baby?

  • Started out at little cells, so small you couldn't even see them
  • Is now a foot long, everything is formed, but still developing
  • Can hear
  • Can cry, but without sound as there is no air in there
  • Has learned to swallow, suck his thumb, and kick his mom when she wakes up in a fright in the middle of the night
  • Knows nothing except what is. And I find that beautiful.

And so here I am at 6 months about to rock go to Vegas.

Might not post while I'm there as I'll be super busy with the show, but may tweet (sign in, type 140 characters, sign out. Done. The quickest way to blog and keep you up to date.). So check the pinkish/purplish box up on the right for updates and I'll post pics when I can.

All for now.
Lars and the Real Girl
Stephi and the little guy.

This is hilarious. "Good morning, mi amigo..."

Actually, his whole Costa Rican Vacation series is the bomb. (Do people still use that phrase, "The Bomb"?)


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am freaking out. This is what my baby looks like in utero right now (except he's more Chinese, lol!) (and this baby is not mine, I found it on the web on a medical site):

Seriously, when I found this picture I just stared in awe. 24 weeks only, 6 months along, and he looks like such a..... person. Look at his little fists. And his fingernails! No wonder I can feel him kicking and punching in there so much! He's got big little hands in there! This is just wild. This changes everything. Every week, it seems, he is more and more real to me. He has more and more of a personality, almost. Or an identity anyway. It's just freaky. In a great way.

So tonight (or, as you read this it will be last night as I'm posting in advance and publishing later) (or earlier I suppose) (whatevs), so anyway, tonight as I read to him before bed again, I'll picture this little face and know that he's a baby now. He's not a fetus anymore, he's a baby. He's got all these features formed now. He's my baby.

What a friggin' trip. I'm having the best time with this pregnancy.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Dr. Seuss for the ESL.

I bought "Oh Baby the Places You'll Go" to read to the little guy in utero. Last night I went to bed around 1:15am (where DID the time go?) and the D-Man followed me in with the book. He wanted to read to him! So exciting!! I think Don was nervous because he's not a strong "out loud" reader. To make him feel more comfortable, after all, he was totally stepping out of his comfort zone for me and the baby, I told him (and this is embarrassingly true), that I found some of the Dr. Seuss words difficult.

Or perhaps I'm just not a great rhymer. Not a sing-songy type of gal. I'm not a poet, I'm not a fan of rap. Not a big rhyming person. Anyway, I digress...

So to make Donald more comfortable, and to warn him of what might be coming, I told him that I found some of the crazy words in Who-Ville difficult to spit out.

Followed by, "Hey, you're ESL, you can always blame that."


I'm not as freaked about Braxton Hicks after talking with mom last night. She said that you can't even feel them. I did read, however, that some people do feel them but for most women it's nothing serious, just a few stretchy contraction feelings inside. I hope to god she's right.

Anyone care to share their Braxton Hicks stories? Leave a comment!

I think I have the blood pressure mixed up. I had said that it was, as of last week at my monthly appointment, 80/140. That seems weird, so I'm not sure if I heard her properly. Donald had written down 102/140 and that sounds weird too. So I'm really not sure what it is, but will find out at the end of the month again at our next appt.

Weight gain: have only gained about 13 lbs to date. Perfect. I think I've gained some in my face as well, or maybe it's looking like that because of the "just got out of the shower" look in the picture below with still-half-wet-hair. Either way, this is me at 23 weeks. Turning 24 weeks tomorrow...

All for now.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here I am, bright eyed and bushy tailed after a wonderful, restful sleep.


He was kicking ALL NIGHT LONG. Total kung-fu action happening inside by belly. And to think the placenta is in the front and so his kicks aren't able to be felt as strongly as if it weren't.

And I'm really really grateful for that. I can't even begin to imagine if I could feel it stronger. Holy Moly. Seriously, fell asleep around 12:30 and then woke up at 3:00am when Donald came to bed and he was kicking up a storm (baby, not husband) (although husband DOES have restless leg syndrom) (I'm surrounded on all sides here....) and that was it for the night. Got up, moved to the couch, and was followed by two furry creatures who wanted to lay on my belly. Jesus, no rest for the weary.

So, baby stuff....

So exciting!

I'm still a bit freaked about the possibility of Braxton Hicks. I just didn't think they'd happen this early on. Then again, I'm really good at goin' with the flow, especially when I have no idea what's happening, so I know I'll handle it well.

He's about the size of a small baby doll (oh my god), and looks very human - similar to a newborn now (as opposed to????). He's still red and wrinkled, even though fat is being deposited at a fast rate, skin is growing quicker and so it hangs loosely (kinda freaky).

He should be moving alot more (he is) and he runs his hands up and down the umbilical cord (please, please, little guy, don't grab it too tight and please don't play with it close to your neck. Keep it as far away as safely possible.).

Oily fish right now can help his health (and mine). My chiropractor mentioned that fish oil capsules or evening primrose oil would be good to start taking, and to double up on the primrose close to birth date as it helps something with the cervix for delivery. Can't remember what, so I'll have to do some quick research and figure it out.

You know, I was so excited to get home tonight and get a post written, but here it is, 2 hours later and midnight and I just got through my email and Twitter messages and now I can hardly keep my eyes open.

And Ling Ling has come out from under the dresser and is cuddled up with me so how can I possibly ask her to lay somewhere else while I blog? She was a sick kitty for a day or so, so she (meaning, I) need some lovin'.

Quick note on the pregnancy front before my eyes close on their own: 23 weeks along, had check up the other day and the doctor laughed at my bellybutton (WHAT BELLYBUTTON?) when I told her I was kinda freakin' out about it (OR THE LACK THEREOF!). She told me not to fret, it just happens. My blood pressure is finally back up to 80/140. I totally forgot that it was low, because I'm not dizzy or lightheaded anymore. And what's not there, you don't notice.... AND, she asked if I have had any contractions yet.

I have no idea what happened after that because I totally left my body.

Contractions? At 23 weeks? WTF?

Why? Braxton Hicks already? And how will I know? Will it really hurt? Will I panic and think I'm dying?


On another note, my sister-in-law is going to drop off a bunch of little boy clothes that her son has totally outgrown (after all, he's 3 now, not a newborn still in a onesie!), and some matenity clothes. And we both have great taste, so I know there will be some delightful gems included!

Bought the Amby Bed last weekend. Hope the little guy likes it!


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