Friday, January 30, 2009

A few years ago I was attended a workshop with friends. I hung out with one friend in particular during all the classes. Before the classes began, there was always music played. He was waiting and waiting for one song in particular – always hoping for that song to be played. Forever waiting.

He’d hold the song book open to “Song #11” as soon as he arrived in the room. He’d hold the vision of “Song #11” in his mind’s eye so he could see it. He’d think of how much he loves Song #11 so it would shine brightly in his heart. He was clutching at it. Holding it soooo tight.

By the last day of the workshop he gave up. They hadn’t played Song #11. “I guess I’ll just have to let it go”, he said. “Maybe that’s exactly it”, I said to him. Maybe you’re holding on to it so tightly that it can’t get out.

What do you know? The band entered the room. They played Song #11.

We laughed our heads off. We still laugh our heads off. Now I call it the Song #11 syndrome.

I’m trying to be conscious of this syndrome right now, being a few days overdue. I mean yes, I LOVE being pregnant. Yes, I LOVE feeling him moving inside of my belly – and watching him there! And yes, I do know that he’s coming out – one way or another, he’s coming out – but I’ll have to envision him on the outside! Feel him in my arms instead of in my womb. “See” him in my house, instead of in my body. And hope that it starts moving labour along.

In the same category? I’m reading a book called The Pregnant Man, (it’s about hypnotism not about this pregnant man) and just last night I read the chapter about the actual “Pregnant Man” and how it all came to be. What happened is he went to a hypnotist to quit smoking and towards the end of a session, the practitioner asked him to imagine “the person he would like to be. Into his mind popped a picture of a pregnant woman (I won’t get into all the details of his history right now). Next thing you know, he’s got all the symptoms of a pregnancy: enlarged breasts, pregnant belly, nausea, etc.

So how he overcame this and corrected it was abandoning the imagery from one of being pregnant, to one of someone who had already been through labour and birth. And then his body went back to normal.

Hey... it’s worth a try!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forty plus One.

40 weeks and 1 day.

Went to see the doctor today; had only one question: If water breaks at home can I still have a shower?

Now, I know that there's only an 8-15% chance of membranes rupturing before labour, but I thought I had read somewhere that you shouldn't have a bath or shower if they do, because of infection. AND, I don't want to go to the hospital looking like I do when I crawl out of bed in the morning. Vain, I know....

Showering is no problem. And that lead to the rest of the conversation that put everything it it's place:

If the water breaks and it's clear, put a pad on and go back to bed (or carry on with your day) until labour starts. If labour hasn't started within 24 hours, go to hospital. If water breaks and it's a bit green or brown or seriously pink/red, go to hospital (which we learned in the prenatal class). Either way, as this is our first, I'm calling the hospital, lol!

She asked if I wanted a membrane sweep and I said no. I'd rather wait to see if labour starts on it's own (I'm only one day overdue after all. And who says, really, that I'm overdue? It's a science, but not an exact science), or go through some more natural methods of induction to get things started. She checked to see if/how dilated I am and I'm not at all. Cervix is posterior and closed completely, so we wouldn't have done the sweep anyway (major discomfort for me apparently if cervix is closed). I mentioned my Chinese doctor (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine... not just that she's Chinese, lol!) and I'd probably pop in for some acupuncture to see if that helps get things moving. (Plus I haven't seen her since I was just four months along and I rather miss her!) I'm also going to call my massage therapist as there are pressure points that may help.

So, I'll do both of these as soon as I can. So nice and relaxing as well! That alone may help!

On the medical side, if I haven't had the baby by Monday (Feb 2), I'll go in to BC Women's for an ultrasound on Tuesday (Feb 3). If all looks fine and dandy, I'll be left alone until Friday (Feb 6) at which point I'll be induced, medically (if nothing has happened naturally by that point). If there is any concern, however, with the ultrasound and monitoring (with fluid, or heartbeat, or or or??), I'll be admitted and induced at that point.

Once I got back in my body after that chat I realized those are NOT NEXT STEPS! They are an "in case" scenario. Even she said that most times everything happens naturally and there are no medical interventions needed but they do want to see the little guy on Tuesday to make sure all is well.

But I'm a worrier.

So what I have to do is simply switch the energetic around to one that is less of a "Oh God, something is wrong and I need these interventions", to more of a "Wow, aren't we lucky that this medical help is available to us if we need it."

So, all in all, it was a really good, really informative appointment today.

And some great news?

My Godmother is coming out for a visit next month, and my Aunt is coming for a visit it May!

Share your suggestions and thoughts on natural labour inducers or medical intervention in the comments. Would LOVE to get your input!

All for now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

40 weeks today.

40 weeks. My God. We're due. So come on little guy, we want to meet you!

What's happening:

Well, I have a full size newborn in my belly. I have a completely developed person INSIDE OF ME!

Who is apparently quite content to stay put for a bit more time.

For someone who has hardly any room to move around, especially at this point, he's still really active. I know I've been saying that for a long time now, but seriously, it amazes me just how much he rolls around in there.

And mom?

Heartburn is back with a vengeance. And I don't get any more than 3 hours sleep in a row. I find if I stay up until after Leno and Conan, I sleep until about 6:30 or 7:30am, but if I fall asleep during George, I'm up and roaming around by 3 or 4 a.m. (That's what the Home Shopping Network is for!)

The good news is I'm letting myself do whatever is needed. Whatever my body tells me is needed. So what if I can't sleep? I use that time to chat with him, to feel him move inside of me, to listen to the cats tear the house up, watch the comings and goings of my neighbourhood, and sleep in as long as I need to in order to feel rested.

I'm still enjoying the final days of the pregnancy. I'm a bit bored, feeling so house-bound, so I jaunt out to the mall (which is turning out to be more expensive than the Home Shopping Network!) once in a while, but really, it's not too bad.

I'm just ready, that's all. Not bored I suppose, but ready.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!

Here's what's in store for our little Ox.

Or perhaps I should say what's in store for us!

40 weeks today; it's his "due date". And we've got a snow storm. Just you watch, he'll end up being the punctual one in the family...

Anyone got a 4-wheel drive you care to loan us?


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just a heads up... I think I've confused everyone with due date.... it's still January 27!

When I mentioned February 4th (on Twitter), I was talking about Chinese New Year and moving from Rat to Ox. THAT is apparaently Feb 4, not Jan 26.

I'm still "due" on Jan 27... Tuesday!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Had my "last" prenatal doctor appointment today. Unless he doesn't come by the 27th, in which case I have another one on the 28th and we'll take it from there.

This was about 5 minutes in and out, the appointment was that quick. I had no questions, except, of course, "How big does he feel to you?". Good news? He still only feels about 7 - 7.5 lbs. Phew. That's still big, to me, but at least she hasn't said the "8" word....

I've lost 2 lbs, but that's apparently ok and actually quite normal. Who would have thought?

Baby is very far down in my pelvis now. His heartbeat is around 130. My blood pressure is all good. He's not posterior - and let's hope he stays that way!

All is well. It's just a waiting game.

I had a nice chat with him tonight talking about his birth and what his mom and dad's preferences are, and that if he can't feel me physically due to the possibility of an epidural, to know that I'm still there and we're still connected, and Dad is still there on the outside too, waiting to welcome him. I talked with him about his conception and how we had been trying to conceive and were waiting for him and he came at the exact time he was supposed to. When mom was healthy (from a disastrous 1.5 years) and Dad was happy that mom was healthy again! I told him that we're excited to meet him and welcome him and that he can come whenever he's ready.

Come on little guy, we're so excited to meet you!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

39 weeks pregnant!

So thismorning I was up at 5am and glued to CNN for the inauguration when I got a bit of cramping. As I know it's any time now, I looked at the clock to time it. 16 minutes later I got another one.

Next one? 18 minute later at 5:38am. And then I fell asleep again until 6:15.

So no labour after all. But boy, was I excited!

I was talking with my brother thismorning and he asked if I was getting anxious. The only anxiety I'm feeling is because of the fact that I'm such a worrier - I found that I was starting to stress myself out and get all anxious again about unpopular choices and decisions we may make. I do have to remember the quote from my friend, "You are a good Mom, you love your baby, and you are the best person to make these choices, even if your choices aren't popular."

The thing is, I'm not a mom yet, so it's just me, Stephi, stressing about anything and everything. Worrying in advance. That's what I do. About things that haven't even happened, and probably won't happen! Crazy-making, that's what it is. I was chatting with my girlfriend about it - because she never wants to step on any toes, and has put herself out to make sure everyone else is ok HER WHOLE LIFE. A few simple words from her totally cleared the energetics around it for me, and I think it's because she said it wish such passion and conviction: "As soon as your son is born, that will all change. What other people think won't matter." People say that sort of thing all the time, but this was different. The passion she had around it! Beautiful! So I've let it go, and am now enjoying my last few days, stress free and worry free. It is what it is. It will be what it will be.

(Just to be clear, I'm not talking about anything in particular. I mean, I've got earfuls from people about cloth diapers and exclusive breastfeeding; NOT just keeping visitors at bay for a bit of time while we get to know our son.)

As for the labour, I'm actually rather excited about it...because it means he's on his way to us! Donald and I are so thrilled that we're this close to meeting our little guy! We are just beside ourselves and having so much fun. We've grown even closer these last few weeks, and it's been wonderful. The family dynamic has started to set in, could be that we're both nesting, and we're hunkering down.

In case I have a long labour (do NOT want to manifest that!), we have a tag team happening for when Donald needs to step out to get a bite or have a bit of a respite. We are not having a big gathering in the room during labour and delivery! Ewwwww.... viewing a baby coming out of my body is NOT something for anybody but me and my husband!! Just me and my husband and the necessary staff. I don't want to stress about making sure someone is where they're supposed to be or hanging out where they're NOT supposed to be, lol!!! So that's that, except if I need some help when he steps out. And I'm grateful that this person is willing to help because I just don't know what's going to happen, how long it may take, and I want to make sure my husband gets food into him and is doing ok during it all. And me, too.

And, got some good news... my dad is coming out for a visit! So exciting! He's going to try to get out for the one-month party; I so hope he can. If not, it will be a few weeks after that. Everyone is just so excited for the arrival of this little guy. My mom checks in just to make sure all is well, my brother, dad, friends and family from across the country. It's just awesome! I'm sure there'd be massive panic if I didn't get to the phone in time, lol!!!

Hmmmm... would it be bad if I pulled a wildcard?

Baby at 39 weeks: not much to report other than the average is 7 - 7.5 lbs and about 21 inches long. I'm sure there's WAY more to report, but no way of him communicating how he's feeling right now. Except for his happy little kicks! (Although there are new studies coming out about newborn memory and womb-memory, etc.)

Mom at 39 weeks: baby has dropped even more in the past day and I'm having even more difficulty sleeping throughout the night. I have to pee alot - ALOT - and he's just so active!

All for now. Our crib is in so I'm off shopping for a mattress.

Monday, January 19, 2009

How can I be this hungry when A) I had lunch at 1pm and B) I just had a granola bar.

I'm hungry all the time. And I don't want to eat too much because it all goes to the baby now and I'm terrified he's already bigger than we think. I mean, I'm not going to starve myself or him, but seriously, why am I famished all the time. Everything is done. He's developed. He's a full grown newborn.

Unless it's not hunger pangs but contractions.....


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh My God.

I'm done!

I just checked my calendar for the coming week and I've got nothing to do! I don't have to run around picking up this and that for the baby. I don't have anything else to buy, that can't be bought afterwards. I don't have to prepare any dinners to freeze for the first month at home.

Not because I've done that already, but just because I've given up caring.

And I've also given up trying to find space in our freezer. I mean between the lamb and the frozen maxi pads.....

And Donald, thank goodness, looks at me the other night when I was fretting about his friend's yummy meatball recipe that she can't find, and says, "Don't worry honey, one thing we'll never be is hungry." To me, that means he totally just volunteered to cook!

We've cleaned the house top to bottom (Yes! Finally took down the Christmas tree and outdoor lights!) so it's nice and clean and dustless for baby. (Whom I still think is going to come early. We've got 9 days until the "guess date" and he's dropped more. Just noticed thismorning.) Diapers arrived and are put away. Everything is in it's place.

And so now we wait.


So the s**t has hit the fan.

I've got to apologize to my mom. After my 2nd post about having quiet time with our newborn for a few weeks, she thought it meant that we didn't want her around our baby!

No No No, that's just so wrong. And when she expressed that to me in person, I could see how that post was totally misconstrued and how she could end up thinking it was about her. I mean, the word "family" WAS in there... I just didn't mean it as a target. How horrible. I just felt sick.

She's his Grandma! She's delightful company! My husband wants her to move in with us for crying out loud -and how many son-in-laws want that?! That just goes to show how much she's loved. And yet when I wrote about deciding not to have visitors for the first two weeks (or less, or more) she was totally embarrassed and humiliated and I imagine felt unloved and unwanted. And I felt embarrassed and humiliated that it came across that way to her. To my own mother. It was just awful.

And what did I go and do?

Blast her friends and her family - thinking that they were telling her we didn't want her around our baby. Calling them ignorant and they should be ashamed of themselves for putting that thought into my mom's head.

When it was me that did it, without even realizing it. I'm the one that is now feeling ignorant and ashamed. After all, I alienated her by not explaining in that post that Grandparents don't count because it's just assumed (by me) that they'll be around! That the door is always open (well... phone call first in case mom is topless in the living room feeding the little one and Dad is walking around in his undies!)

So I've got to apologize to her friends and her family for making them feel rotten. I love her family - they're mine too afterall! I love them all very very much. And she has great friends. I can't believe she left them to move 4000 miles away! They're a great bunch and she misses them desperately - all of them; friends and family. I know, I moved away from all of mine 12 years ago and I was miserable and homesick for the first three.

And I go and jump to conclusions and get totally irate for absolutely no reason. They weren't putting doubt into her brain... I was. And I was so wrapped up in my own issues that I didn't even see it.

I was over at mom's thismorning and we had a good cry and a good hug and talked it through and it's all good now. There was no way I was leaving her place until it was clear. Until we got through it. We both understand what the other meant and what the other was saying. We actually listened to each other. Especially me. I actually heard her for the first time in a long time. And actually listened to her for the first time in an even longer time.

So I'm sorry to her friends and family for totally ripping into them. So so sorry to you all.

It was undeserved and completely misplaced.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dim Sum at The Imperial will never be the same again.

On the plus side, I no longer feel alone in my terror of changing my first diaper. I mean, I have crazy-homeless-medusa hair on a good day....

Welcome to my newest follower, Lexi! Happy to have you. You're freakin' hilarious! Anyone who's son pees in. his. own. eye. has got my full attention!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

(I am not running in this marathon, but I AM nearing the finish line!)

You know what's freaky?

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and there are no more updates coming from or or whatever. Well, there ARE, but they're saying to "check the newborn section".

My God!

I've got a fully developed newborn just laying in wait. Lungs still have a bit to go but apparently they keep on developing well after he's here.

I've got a whole baby in there! About to come out!

Things are moving along "here on the outside". Some things I've noticed is that I'm peeing more and more (and more and more), waddling more and more and more and more and my boobs are growing more (only a little more, not more and more and more). I'm excited, and happy and feel so alive. Yes, I feel big and heavy at times, I still enjoy my naps and am getting the odd bout of heartburn, but I feel so healthy. So good!

Friends and family are always checking in as they know he could come anyday. It's great to get those phone calls and updates and comments on the blog. This little guy is so loved and welcomed already. Even the cats know he's almost here. Not only are they sleeping on me, they're pawing my face (gently) (and yes, it's bizarre), they're being very vocal when they're around me and they just won't leave me alone. It's delightful!

The diaper service arrived today. Very exciting! So I'm putting all of that away tonight and organizing everything. Crib is arriving on the 21st (yes, it's Stork Craft but don't know if it's a model that needs the new brackets. Will find out on 21st!), even though we hopefully won't need it for a few months - we're really wanting to use the Amby in our room, which we'll put together after we get home from hospital. We just hope he takes to it.
I'm doing a massive cleaning of the house - partly because it desperately needs it, partly because I won't have that much time for a while to get to it, and mostly because I don't want bunny dusts floating around with a newborn! I'm also going to pick up a book that has nothing to do with pregnancy or child birth or parenting! Maybe the next in the Narnia series - something to totally take me away. I am, however, keeping up with the Hypnobirthing cd that came with the book - both to recall the relaxation and breathing exercises for labor and delivery, and also because it's a great meditation! I enjoy her voice. (Update on the review... the book totally took a turn for the better and she was wonderful when talking about hospital deliveries and staff, etc.)

You know what else I'm really looking forward to?

Watching my husband become a father.

I've recently watched my best friend become a mother and it was amazing to witness. It's just awesome really. She's a gentle soul to begin with, but to see her with her month-old little guy just takes my breath away. I'm so happy for her and it's just so awesome to watch her make this transition.

So I'm really curious how I'll be. And I'm really really looking forward to seeing Donald make that transition. If there's even any transition to make. I mean one minute you're you, the next minute your someone's parent.

Someone's parent!

All for now.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boy oh boy can you tell I'm getting close.

I'm active and alert and have energy and don't really need to nap anymore.

But am I ever slow.

All around slow. Slow to do things, physically. My body is slower. I'm walking slower. That's partly to do with the actual physicality of a pregnant person, and partly because I'm completely taking my time. I'm enjoying every minute I have. Relishing in it. Not for any other reason than I know how drastically my life is about to change. (Well, I actually have no idea just how drastically, but I know it will be a drastic change!) I'm having longer conversations with my husband. I'm actually listening to him and paying attention to what he's saying! I'm enjoying phone conversations with friends. And even family! I'm not rushing to get out of bed in the morning (except if for some miraculous reason I didn't get up three times during the night to pee. Then I definitely rush to get out of bed, lol!), I'm taking my time, talking and cuddling with the cats, flipping on the morning news, looking at the spot where the amby is going and then sort of freaking out that any day now it will be put together and there will be a baby in it! EGADS!

Even though I'm enjoying my time and the time with my husband right now and the quiet, I'm totally excited for the birth of my son. I'm excited to meet him. To see this little guy who's been poking at me from the inside for all these months. Who started out as this:

and is now a person. A Whole. Friggin'. Person. A gorgeous being! Donald and I made a person! And we're about to meet him! It's just bizarre. Surreal.

Until he's here and it's not anymore. From the sur-real, to the so-real.

I was at a birthday party last night talking with some other women (three of us pregnant), and I said how much I am looking forward to the whole experience of childbirth. Even the labour! The ones who have not had children looked mortified. Which I understand completely because I was there not too long ago. But now? I'm totally excited for it! Anxious, yes, but excited more so.

It simply means that my little guy is that much closer to being here with us. It means he's on his way!

Loving these last few weeks.

And so I suppose we should probably take down the Christmas tree so we're not scrambling to do it with a newborn in the house....

All for now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Had my weekly doctor's appointment this afternoon. Went over our birth preferences with her; she said the list looked pretty good. We aren't asking for crazy stuff, just general preferences. First on the list is Safety First, and second is Help my husband in his efforts to help me. So that pretty much set the "low-maintenance" tone. I also said "please" and "we'd prefer" and "if possible", etc, throughout and ended it with a big thank you and that we are totally open to suggestions and coaching from the nurses and staff involved.

The Group B Strep swab came back negative, so no antibiotics for me. Dr. Monaghan (Dr. Rhone is back for my appt. next week) felt around my belly and said he's pretty average size and if he was born now she figures he'd be between 6 - 7 lbs. So that made me relax a bit! We talked about epidurals - I want to make sure I can do three things:
  1. change my mind if I don't want one after all
  2. still walk around and feel enough to know when to push (when it feels natural to)
  3. up the dose if I choose!!!!!

It's a Yes to all three (although various dosage affects people differently), so I can let that one go now. I was so stuck on that, almost panicky actually. It's funny, some of the small things that drive you batty.

We've decided that we're going to pay for the Preferred Accomodations while we're there too. It's $150.00 but SO worth it. And it's covered by medical so we'll get that money back anyway. It eases my mind for a few reasons:

  1. same room for labor, delivery and remainder of stay
  2. same staff throughout stay. If there are 10 people that have to poke around my va-jay-jay for a few days, I'd rather it be the same 10 people, ya know?
  3. so calm! Calm, easy, gentle energy up there in that wing.
  4. bigger rooms. Donald and I would like everyone that wants to visit to come to the hospital instead of our home afterwards. These rooms are a great size, so there's lots of room for our huge family in there. We'd rather have our little guy at home, in his new home, getting to know us and not necessarily being passed around to alot of people in his first few weeks here. And we're private people (even though I'm broadcasting to the world!) and would prefer it to be just us three for a few weeks. Doesn't mean we don't love our friends and family, just means we're putting our own family first.

I weigh 153 (up 3 lbs from last week and 30 lbs gained overall). I think it's hilarious that I weight that much, but it's great that I didn't gain a crazy amount.

He's dropped much lower now. I'm not as short of breath as I've been throughout. AND the heartburn has eased up a bit. YAY! But wanna know something weird? I can feel his head way down there. And when he changes position or just moves or whatever he's doing in there, I can feel it. Way. Down. There. I can physically feel his head move.


But delightful.

The cats know something is up -that the time is getting nearer. They're BOTH sleeping with me at night now. And when I say, "with me", I mean, "on me". Chicken sleeps up on my arm/shoulder with her little face next to my ear and paw on my cheek, and Ling Ling sleeps between my legs and 1/2 on my belly/pelvis. She can't quite reach the top of the belly, unless I'm on my side totally and then she's on the belly with Chicken on the shoulder. It's the strangest thing. Anyone have pet & pregnancy stories to share? Leave a comment, I'd love to hear!

Welcome to Lisa, the newest follower. Lisa, you MUST blog about your dogs, you have the BEST! And you're such a great foster mom to the little ones (and big) you bring into your home. Even just a photo blog with your comments for the world to see and share in! Thanks for following!

That's it for tonight!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here are a couple of fantastic gift ideas for pregnant women. For them themselves, NOT the baby. Although we love to receive baby presents too (and when I say "we", I mean "me"), it SO adds to the excitement.

Anyway, something I do on a regular basis is have a full body massage. It's covered under our medical so I take advantage of it each year. Although, my $500.00 limit runs out before the end of the year (especially with the rising costs of massages.. the going rate is now $85.00/hr, which no longer gets you many. BUT, there's acupuncture as well and I find that totally relaxing and that's another $500.00 to play with, although no-go when preg-o). I digress....

So yes, a massage is a great gift. But that's not the end of it. That's only the beginning of it. I'm talking about a full day of pampering. Massage is just a teaser actually because there are so many other parts neglected. Like, feet! So, 1 - 1.5 hour massage, then pedicure. And manicure. And eyebrow waxing. And hair cut (nothing in this world beats a wicked scalp massage when you're getting a shampoo!). Perhaps throw in a gift certificate to Blockbuster for a couple of your (and when I say "your", I mean "my") favourite movies. Then come home and have a long hot shower and curl up in bed with cheese and crackers, said movie, and your (and when I say "your", I mean "my") favourite cats and call it a day.

Oh, and green fees and a tee time to send your (and when I say "your", I mean "my") husband to the golf course for a twilight game.

Because none of this is going to happen again for a long time.

All for now!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I had a laugh when I wrote the last post because I knew people would be asking, "What's up with the frozen maxi-pads, you friggin' weirdo?"

What you do is take a few/bunch of them, soak them with water, freeze, and use them for soreness after delivery. They're the perfect fit.


Have been trying to jot down a note since Tuesday but have gotten sidetracked every step of the way. Holy low attention span these days!

So, I'm 36 weeks along. 8 months. I remember when I was only 3 months along and about to announce it:
Remember that one? From Disneyland. When we got stuck on a ride in a 5.8 earthquake. And that baby "bump" was HUGE to me. (It actually WAS huge to me, I'm skinny as a rake and nary a bump to be found, so that was soooooo noticable on me. Even though at 12 weeks you're still in that stage of looking like you're gaining weight but not in the pregnant way. And when I say "you're", I mean, "me").

I was trying for a few hours tonight to do a video blog, but the mic on my laptop is not the best (or I don't know how to change the settings properly) and apparently to upload from my camcorder I need a new cable so it's compatible with Vista.

Very annoying.

So back to typing for a while... unless I can figure something out with the video on my camera. Hmmmm....

So, 36 weeks. I've got a little person inside of me! He's pretty much ready. He could come any time and be a.o.k. God, that's wild.

Went to the doctor thismorning, an update:

I've gained 26 lbs since the beginning and it's a healthy weight. Not expected to gain much more, if any at all. My blood pressure is a.o.k. 90/??? Can't remember now. His heartbeat was around 140 bpm. He's still head down (with little tiny feet sticking out under my ribcage most times!), right where he's supposed to be. He's treating me so well, the little guy. I've had such a great pregnancy.

The swab was done for Group B Strep, so that will dictate whether or not I need the antibiotics during labour. And apparently it has to be administered approx 4 hours before birth, so that might be my "in" to getting in there early, lol! (I don't mind labouring at home (early labour only), but am nervous about rush hour traffic and the weather we've been having lately - I don't want to have to drive in a snow storm or on the black ice that's been around!)

Next week I'm getting my hair done, having a massage and pedicure and finishing a few odds and ends to get ready for his arrival. We've just got to put stuff away and organize his room a bit (even though he'll be in our room for a few months at first). We've got to organize our room for that matter, and move dressers around and switch things up. Donald and I are switching sides of the bed because we don't want the baby to be directly in front of the bedroom door. Bad mojo... back in the day they used to carry dead people out of their bedrooms feet first through the door so we never sleep that way. Donald's mom pointed it out one day when she was over and it's something I hadn't thought about because I just figured he'd be sideways. But no, that's not safe enough, so we're just switching sides of the bed. No biggie. (I came to find out it's not just a Chinese superstition but huge in Voodoo. And Catholicism for that matter!) So he's going on the opposite side, as am I, and we've got to move stuff around to fit his bed beside ours.

Gotta give the house a good clean and prepare some meals to freeze. To put beside the frozen maxi-pads in the freezer????? (Keep forgetting to do that. Donald's going to freak out when he opens the freezer to grab a roast and sees frozen maxi-pads lined up!!!!) Must put them somewhere inconspicuous. But we have such a small freezer!!!

I've got to remember to take the car into ICBC or BCAA to get them to check the car seat to make sure it's in properly and up to safety standards.

And for now?

The baby is actually quiet so it might be the best time to try to fall asleep!

All for now,

Thursday, January 1, 2009

36 weeks along! 8 months. Doctor's appointment in the morning, shall report back with lots of info!

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