Tuesday, October 28, 2008

  • Weight gain: so far only 17 lbs in total. Not bad.

  • Blood pressure: 100/60.

  • Fundal height is 27 or 28, so right on track.

  • Baby's heartbeat was 150. Which reminds me... since we have the doppler, I'm going to record his heartbeat and put it on here. Must get on that! Must get on alot of things.

  • Blood work: aok. No diabetes. BUT, GP called thismorning wanting to see me to discuss blood results (why? She hasn't called me in 6 months and I've had loads of bloodwork with this pregnancy) So I go in and they tell me I'm anemic. But my OB said all was good. So I'm a bit confused. Left a message with my OB earlier, I'll take her word for it, whatever that may be when I hear back.

  • Speaking of GP... I'm looking for a new one. Anyone who may be reading this from Greater Vancouver recommend one in Burnaby or East Van? I don't want to drive too far for a doctor's appointment for my child. Me? I usually go 30 minutes away to appointments because I don't mind, but not if I'm panicking when my baby's umbilical cord is falling off and I want to get to a doctor YESTERDAY out of sheer panic. ;-) Ya know? Let alone if he gets really sick...

  • Vaccines. Brought up the fact (with my GP thismorning) that we are starting discussions on whether or not we are going to vaccinate and everything to do with that. Well, the response I got was pretty rude to say the least. And after I told her that I didn't want to know her thoughts, just her facts, I also asked for the list of vaccinations and vaccination schedule for babies. So now we have that information to go forward with our research. Yikes.

Anyone care to weigh in on why you DIDN'T or why you DID decide to vaccinate? Facts and sources would be fantastic too please so me and the D-Man can follow up on this end.


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe -

If you're anemic - HEMOPLEX is the way to go. I was anemic and this particular formula (which Dr. tanya loves by the way too) actually helps you BUILD the iron instead of just maintain it like a lot of other supplements. It's good stuff. Nicola

P.S. I'll weigh in on the vaccinations soon... just let me get my "subtle" vocabulary ready. ha ha

Love Nicola

Stephi said...

@Nicola: HAHAHA! You? Subtle? I'd be so disappointed! Actually we printed off your comment about vaccinations from the other day. Have a little Vaccination file on the go....

I remember you were anemic. All throughout your pregnancy, if I'm correct? I'm going to wait to hear from my OB to confirm the anemia as my GP perscribed me Lorazepam for a freakin' muscle spasm, "to help me sleep" (WTF????), so I'm not really fond of her.

That, and the fact that I'm not looking forward to constipation again with iron supplements so I want to make DAMN SURE I'm really anemic before going down that path again! :)

Gail said...

Get as much info as you can for the TO or NOT TO vaccinate and then you can make an informed decision. Some docs feel really strong either way so the facts are better than opinions or feelings.

Anonymous said...

Hey -

For muscle spasms and leg cramps and a sleep-helper, you can take potassium and calcium right before you go to bed - it works a charm and it's natural, not a prescription.

You should take the iron supplement with orange juice because the orange juice helps your body absorb more of the iron. Also, taking it with food helps too.

You shouldn't take the calcium with the iron because the calcium prevents the body from absorbing the iron.

Regarding the "facts" about vaccinations - it is very difficult to get all the "facts" because there are so many unknown factors - most doctors feel passionate about it, not because they believe in vaccinations, but because they believe in medicine.

I think ultimately you have to rely on your intuition and your feelings from a truthful place, not fear or confusion - mostly because every situation is different.

For example, Ruby is not vaccinated; however, if we were to travel to a place where a certain vaccination was recommended, I would probably give it to her. When she got some roadrash on her face, and the doctors were pressuring me to give her tetanus, I decided not to give it to her, but if she cuts herself on something that was threatening, then I would proceed with the tetanus shot.

It's really a context and family based decision.

:) Nicola

Stephanie said...

We did all the vaccines for my now 7yo son -- who is now on "the spectrum." Luckily, the gluten-dairy-soy free diet has worked wonders & he's somewhat back to "normal-ish."

Because of that, we chose to wait until our baby girl (now 7mos) turns 2 yrs to start vaccines - and then only one at a time every 6 mos.

It is a very personal decision & one that you will have to definitely research for yourselves... generationrescue.org has a ton of scientific studies & such regarding vaccinations.

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