Saturday, November 15, 2008

Do you know how hard it is to design a nursery?

Harder than picking out a stroller.

And I bet harder than labour and delivery.

(Ok, that might be stretching it... I'll let you know at the end of January!)

If I had of just stuck to my original plan of green & brown, it would be done by now. But no, we had to go and change our mind on the furniture. Ok, the price changed our minds more than we did... but still... we're going with a completely new crib and dresser. Lighter in colour now than the last so that completely changes the colour palette. Completely. The greens and browns will no longer work. We're keeping the trim white. And might be keeping the original wall colour (called Candlewax. It's pretty much a light yellow). Our hardwood floor is a lighter wood too, not a dark one, so that affects it as well. Basically, I can't find anything to go with it. I don't want light blues and light greens. I don't want boring. I want something with a bit of kick to it. Some bright accents at least. AND NO MURALS OR DECALS OR BORDERS.

Mom says the baby won't care what the colours are, but that doesn't matter to me. It's our first and we are having fun with it. So let us fret about the nursery colours and design. It's the annoying fun part.

I think I'll go back through the pictures I saved last night when I was up until 1:00AM GOOGLING NURSERY PICTURES to get an idea of what I like, then hit Ikea for fun fabric ideas and take it from there. I know it'll be right in front of me one day soon, and I'll magically see all the colours I like thrown together beatuifully, but I want it to happen today.

Is that asking too much? Really?

Do you think a splash of navy blue is too old for a newborn? I need a grounding colour, a darker colour.

That goes with yellow.



helen said...

What about burnt orange?

By the way, I am holding a nursery pictures contest on my site until Jan 2009. Come over and enter when your room is finished, I would love to see it!

Enter here

You can win a $75 gift certificate from PinkTaffyDesigns if you win and your baby's room will be featured on my home page.

Lexi said...

There's nothing wrong with bold colour. He's not going to be a tiny baby for long!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph......Picking a stroller is not worse than labour...Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Don,t fret about stuff so much the kid will hate it anyway there all the same...take that advice from the mother of 3 teenagers. \Love you Carolyn

Stephi said...

@helen: That's IT! Burnt Orange. That's the complimentary colour I've been missing. *doing happy dance* Thanks for the idea and for the heads up on your site/contest.

@Carolyn: We think we found the stroller fix. For now. And how ARE your three teenagers? Send them xo's from me!

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