Tuesday, December 9, 2008

33 Weeks today!

Feeling good. Feeling great. Feeling a bit panicked - still so much to do. Simply have to get off our butts and do it. It's all becoming more real now, hence the panic. Dena, my best girlfriend, is currently in early labour. So that's driving it home that we're not close to ready! And a baby is going to come out in a few weeks! God, it's so real all of a sudden. I'd better get my butt in gear.

Something new at 33 weeks: I can no longer pee in a cup.

Well I can... but I can't see what I'm doing. My belly is in the way. It's hit or miss. I have to pee each time I see my doctor (5 more visits before baby!) and slide the cup through a window to the reception desk. Sliding the cup through the window is the easy part. It's actually getting my pee in the cup that's the hard part. I have to do it by ear now.

Peeing by ear. Hmmm.... there's got to be a joke in there somewhere.

To follow up on the last post.... I do not have a huge-ass monster baby in my womb. The doctor says he's average size, and my size is right on track.

What's average size, I asked?
Oh, I usually say a 7.5 lb baby is average.

That's HUGE! When I was born, we were all 5.5 lbs, 6 lbs, that sort of thing. 7.5 is HUGE! MASSIVE. UGH.

Jesus. 7.5 lbs. That, to me, is really big. I'm going to concentrate on the fact that chinese babies are smaller. Yeah, Yeah, I'll just lie to myself.

He's still head down and will probably remain that way as there's just not that much room for him to turn back up. Which is awesome! No worries about breech. He still moves around alot in there and I'm feeling the actual size of him increase. It's wild. He's taking up more space. He's growing so much. I can tell knees/elbows now (ok, so they might be feet/hands), but still can't get butt/head clear. Yes, you'd think head would be down and butt would be up, but what about when it's kinda side-to-side? I'm pretty sure his whole leg was sticking out of my belly last night. I felt it and moved my hand right up it as it moved. It was like a fat little sausage. My little guy. Sigh.

I'm up to 147 lbs right now, which isn't too bad seeing as I started at 123 or something. No swelling really. Just a bit heavier and awkward at times (like in yoga class - freakin' hilarious, the things I just can't do anymore).

A box from Babies R Us showed up today... must go open it!

Belly shot tomorrow.

All for now,


Anonymous said...

Ruby was 9 lbs 12oz. They seem to squeeze out just fine! Don't you worry! Love you. Nicola

Meagan Francis said...

heh, my first baby was 8 lb 9 oz and last baby was 10 lb 2 oz with the middle two babies weighing in at 8 lb 8 oz and 9 lb 12 oz. And honestly their size had no bearing on how easy the birth was. Positioning is much more important.

I was reading through a scrapbook a friend of mine made of turn-of-the-century baby announcements, and there were a TON of 8, 9, even 10 and more pound babies! And this was in the day before c-sections or drugs were done commonly and most women gave birth at home. So really, a 7.5 lb baby is nothing to worry about!

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