Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can anyone recommend when is the best time (and how) to buy a few nursing bras? I'm 8 months along and want to grab a couple over the next week or so (remember, I had that dream that my little guy came on Jan 15) but I'm not sure how big my boobs will be getting once my milk comes in. Or if that even affects it.....


A Twitter friend recommended buying now and buying one cup-size bigger. Yes? No? Another Twitter friend recommended nursing tanks from Sears - and will look at those for when I'm around the house (gotta love tank tops!), but I just am not sure how to go about it. And how many should I buy? I tend to buy things like this in threes. One for now, one for later, one for just in case (hmmm... sounds like last call!).

Would love your input! Thanks!


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

You may want to get two cup sizes bigger. I swear, I turned into Pamela Anderson! I kept thinking, "My gawd! How does she {pammy} go around with these things??"

Also, don't forget to bring lots of nursing pads to the hospital. I completely underestimated how many I would need.

Stephi said...

My girlfriend also recommended two cup sizes up. Would LOVE that, lol! I have some nursing pads to bring to hospital but wasn't sure if I really needed to as it's colostrum for a few days and I didn't know if that "leaked" like milk does?

Brittanny Downey-MacDonald said...

Hi Stephi,

I know what you mean about not knowing because I was like that with my first birth. But just trust that your body will let you know in plenty of time and no matter how it comes on for you it will be like nothing you have had in your pregnancy so far. BH contractions are one thing but you will REALLY know when the real thing kicks in. It is hard to give advice because it is so different for everyone. Trust your body and relax your mind by not worrying about the little pings and pangs of late pregnancy. Hope this helps, Brittanny (MommyPhat)

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Well...I think I'm a bit of a "messy milker". I may have even "over-produced" if there is such a thing. I was pretty much bursting at the seams before I even left the hospital. And, I did not have enough pads with me the first time. I'm sure, like everything else, everyone is different with that. But, better safe than soggy!! ;-)
p.s. And I am _not_ a big chested girl! I think my little boobs just have a lot of extra milk ducts or something.

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