Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been having the weirdest dreams.

When I manage to sleep, that is.

They're like the first trimester dreams, only more about me and my personal safety. They're horrible. I know they are showing me my anxiety about labour and delivery, and I'm not taking them literally, but my God they're horrendous.

Dreaming of relatives dying (that are pregnant), dreaming of people trying to kill me, dreaming of people succeeding in killing me... which I've dreamt my whole life. Weird hey? I've seen myself die in my dreams numerous times and in numerous ways. Stabbings, suffocating, drowning (which seemed the most peaceful) and shot to death. But here I am, still kickin'!

And here I am at almost 32 weeks:

(and that's my darling Ling Ling strolling by).

All for now.



Anonymous said...

Stephi - you look awesome. I am sorry that I didn't respond about this past weekend - we were up to our eyeballs in "stuff". I want to see you.

Sorry to hear about the bad dreams - must be the "death" of your life without children. It's all gonna change and you are gonna love it.

Love to you, Nicola

alix said...

You look younger...must be the baby energy surrounding you. Glad to hear you're getting good sleep now...there's nothing like it.

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