Saturday, January 3, 2009

Have been trying to jot down a note since Tuesday but have gotten sidetracked every step of the way. Holy low attention span these days!

So, I'm 36 weeks along. 8 months. I remember when I was only 3 months along and about to announce it:
Remember that one? From Disneyland. When we got stuck on a ride in a 5.8 earthquake. And that baby "bump" was HUGE to me. (It actually WAS huge to me, I'm skinny as a rake and nary a bump to be found, so that was soooooo noticable on me. Even though at 12 weeks you're still in that stage of looking like you're gaining weight but not in the pregnant way. And when I say "you're", I mean, "me").

I was trying for a few hours tonight to do a video blog, but the mic on my laptop is not the best (or I don't know how to change the settings properly) and apparently to upload from my camcorder I need a new cable so it's compatible with Vista.

Very annoying.

So back to typing for a while... unless I can figure something out with the video on my camera. Hmmmm....

So, 36 weeks. I've got a little person inside of me! He's pretty much ready. He could come any time and be a.o.k. God, that's wild.

Went to the doctor thismorning, an update:

I've gained 26 lbs since the beginning and it's a healthy weight. Not expected to gain much more, if any at all. My blood pressure is a.o.k. 90/??? Can't remember now. His heartbeat was around 140 bpm. He's still head down (with little tiny feet sticking out under my ribcage most times!), right where he's supposed to be. He's treating me so well, the little guy. I've had such a great pregnancy.

The swab was done for Group B Strep, so that will dictate whether or not I need the antibiotics during labour. And apparently it has to be administered approx 4 hours before birth, so that might be my "in" to getting in there early, lol! (I don't mind labouring at home (early labour only), but am nervous about rush hour traffic and the weather we've been having lately - I don't want to have to drive in a snow storm or on the black ice that's been around!)

Next week I'm getting my hair done, having a massage and pedicure and finishing a few odds and ends to get ready for his arrival. We've just got to put stuff away and organize his room a bit (even though he'll be in our room for a few months at first). We've got to organize our room for that matter, and move dressers around and switch things up. Donald and I are switching sides of the bed because we don't want the baby to be directly in front of the bedroom door. Bad mojo... back in the day they used to carry dead people out of their bedrooms feet first through the door so we never sleep that way. Donald's mom pointed it out one day when she was over and it's something I hadn't thought about because I just figured he'd be sideways. But no, that's not safe enough, so we're just switching sides of the bed. No biggie. (I came to find out it's not just a Chinese superstition but huge in Voodoo. And Catholicism for that matter!) So he's going on the opposite side, as am I, and we've got to move stuff around to fit his bed beside ours.

Gotta give the house a good clean and prepare some meals to freeze. To put beside the frozen maxi-pads in the freezer????? (Keep forgetting to do that. Donald's going to freak out when he opens the freezer to grab a roast and sees frozen maxi-pads lined up!!!!) Must put them somewhere inconspicuous. But we have such a small freezer!!!

I've got to remember to take the car into ICBC or BCAA to get them to check the car seat to make sure it's in properly and up to safety standards.

And for now?

The baby is actually quiet so it might be the best time to try to fall asleep!

All for now,


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Frozen maxi-pads? What's up with that one???


Stephanie said...

I was wondering the same thing about the maxis...

You're adorable! You don't seem to have grown an inch anywhere but the belly - good for you! Good luck with everything, you have educated and prepared soooo well it's amazing, you will be a fantastic mother!

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