Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I swear to God, Oscar DOES exist and we'll be posting pictures of him soon.

The ones we have are of him in the incubator and I don't want that energy perpetuated through this blog. Only healthy thoughts here! Some will be emailed to me soon and I'll post a few up here.

He's just too gorgeous not to.

On another note: Oscar pooped on the floor last night. Well, first he pooped all down my robe and then onto the floor. How do they do this? He had already gone and I had cleaned him and had to pick him up from the change table to reach for something and there it was.

Poop all over mom.

And the floor.

I can't remember for the life of me why I didn't have a diaper on him. Oh, wait, I know.... because HE HAD JUST POOPED FIVE MINUTES PRIOR.



doglove said...

I think you're beginning to convince me that your Oscar, like my Oscar, is a dog, lol!!

That's too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hey Parents of lil Oscar!!
We are so proud'e' of you and your new arrival. Have to let you know that Antzi Pantz (Pat & Jack) loves you so very much.
Can hardly wait to get the young'n out on the 4 wheeler!!!
Chow folks.

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