Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I thought Oscar just hated diaper changes, but we noticed tonight that his bum is getting red.

Seems to be the start of diaper rash.

He just screams when we put him on the change table, let alone try to clean his bum.

Oh my heart.

Any suggestions? More baths? Less baths? Diaper rash cream when butt wet or dry?

We're pretty much doing what "they" tell us to do (air dry, diaper cream, soft cloth (no wipes), etc) but are looking for any advice, wisdom and/or remedies.




Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

This is completely random and very probable that this is not your case at all....

but, if nothing else seems to explain it, you may eventually want to check it out.

my sister was allergic to HER OWN URINE. she was raw and screaming. the doctor told my parents to wash her with soap and water at every diaper change and then dry her with a hair dryer! insane, i know!

just thought i'd share. i'm no mother, but i do love to pass on the crazy stories!

p.s. oscar is GORGEOUS!

Lexi said...

More frequent diaper changes? Less time urine/feces are in contact with his skin might help. We clean The Boy's bum with nothing but cloth/warm water, which it sounds like you're already doing. Whenever we have to use wipes (travelling) he gets a diaper rash.

Diaper creme on a dry bum.

If possible lay him diaperless, belly down on a waterproof surface for as long as he'll let you once or twice a day.

And there are some babies who just get diaper rash no matter what...

My heart's with you - it's awful to hear your baby cry!

doglove said...

There was a baby powder that was used since my sister Kellie was born, and for the life of me, I cannot remember what it's called, but it was great stuff (so much so, that I recommended it to all of the moms I babysat for growing up). It was in a pink bottle with blue lettering.

This might also seem way off, but Kama Sutra's Honey Dust is fabulous for keeping moisture away from baby bottoms. It's not just for the bedroom! *grins*

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Aquaphor. That's worked well for my son. And this sounds crazy but, have you tried putting a little breastmilk on it. It has healing qualities and helped my little guy.

Mom (Lulu) said...

My babe also started getting a diaper rash about a week after getting home. We believe that baby powder fixed the problem. Make sure bum bum is dry (after using a Pampers Sensitive wipe (we liked this much better than Huggies) we would pat dry with a soft kleenex or baby face cloth - all our baby bum face cloths are blue so as not to mix up with others) and we then use a puffy fur ball (my mom cut this off a scarf) to apply a sprinkling of it to bum bum. This way you don't get too much of the powder on baby). In the beginning we used regular Johnson's Baby Powder, I've now switched to the expensive 'safe' cornstarch-based one from London Drugs.

Anonymous said...

ZINC is good for diaper rash - just plain zinc on a dry bum. I have also heard that using the hair dryer to dry him is a good idea. I also agree that leaving him diaper free for as long as you can is a great idea - just kind of drape the diaper over/under him to "catch".

Also - I know that you decided to use cloth diapers - you may just try disposables for a day to see if it makes a difference. They are much better at keeping the pee/poo away from the skin.

Love to you, Nicola

Anne said...

I know I'm a week behind but diaper rashes come and go so here's my tip.

Slather on diaper cream with the highest level of Zinc oxide you can find. Something close to 40% zinc. Like Desitin - sold at Babies R Us and Pharmasave.

Applied on a dry bum.

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