Friday, May 1, 2009

PS: Anyone still bleeding 3 months after giving birth?

I'm still having daily discharge of sorts, but thismorning I woke up to bright red. Not a whole lot, but enough to make me go "hmmmm....". (Update: FYI: I'm breastfeeding so it can't be my period... can it?)

Please leave a comment with your experience or knowledge!

(PPS: It just dawned on me that this blog is a mommy group of sorts! Maybe I AM a mommy-group mom afterall, lol!)



Anonymous said...

Maybe it's your period? I got mine back at exactly 3 months postpartum... And I was still having discharge of various sorts until then too.

Anonymous said...

I was still BFing when my menstrual cycle started again (7 months postpartum), so anything is possible. Nontheless, talk to your doctor if you are concerned. On a positive note bright red is a good thing.


Lexi said...

Yeah, um. Breastfeeding has nothing to do with your period or lack thereof. I got mine six months post partum. My cousin (also exclusively breastfeeding) got hers three months after her daughter was born. And she was pregnant again a couple of months after that - still breastfeeding.

Menses & breastfeeding = not really connected in any way...

Stephi said...

OMFG - you're KIDDING me. Seriously, BF and period aren't connected? NO WONDER the doctor keeps asking what we're using for birth control. Firstly, I totally thought there was hardly any chance of getting pregnant while breastfeeding. Secondly, sex?

Thanks everyone!

Bea said...

Steph-it is not unusual to have your period while BF,some do and some dont,but certainly do not rely on BF for birth control! Keep track of things such as color, how many pads etc, just in case your doc asks if you do go at some point, but certainly this does not warrant a visit. See you soon!! Bea

Leah said...

Sort of stumbled my way here, and just wanted to say that I nursed all three of my kids, and got my period at different times all three times. with the first, I got my period within days of fully weaning her, and with my last, I got it about 4.5 months after he was born, and we hadn't even started solids yet, so he was exclusively breastfed. I think it's one of those things that just doesn't follow any rules and is different for everyone! Oh, and I bled/spotted FOREVER after giving birth!! I think it was something like 11-12 weeks with the first before there was NOTHING remotely pink or brown (old blood) coming out. It was shorter with the next two pregnancies, but not by much.

Stephi said...

@Bea: see you soon!

@Leah: Thanks for our feedback - just goes to show you that every experience is different. Nothing is textbook. And I'm loving that. Scary to be flying without a net sometimes, but I'm not reinventing the wheel here. I mean people HAVE Been giving birth since the beginning of time and everything... :0

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