Saturday, May 31, 2008

Week 5, Day 4.

Waking up thismorning:

"Feel my boobs, they're fantastic! They're growing! They're huge! Come on. Grab on."

*the husband cops a quick feel then rolls over*

"But you didn't feel! You didn't get the full experience!"

"That's because my hand couldn't fit all the way around."

How I love my husband. He knows JUST what to say!

Feeling shitty thismorning. I couldn't even finish my coffee. Not because I wanted to throw up, although I kinda do, but because I just didn't have the taste for it. That happened last time too, around the 6 or 7th week though, not this early. Totally lost my taste for coffee. Oh well, that's a good thing I suppose.

I'm going to attempt to work in the back yard today, weeding the vegetable garden and trying to fix a rose that looks near death (probably because there are weeds as tall as me all around it!). Right now, I'm just not feeling up to it, just don't feel well AT ALL. Maybe a cracker will help. Any tips on what to drink? Water makes my stomach worse.

All for now.

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