Wednesday, June 18, 2008

8 weeks!

It's a great feeling. I'm not nauseous anymore. I'm *almost* regular (thanks to prune juice, lots of water, All Bran, Blueberry bran muffins and about 6 servings of fruit a day. So all in all, it's alot of work to be *almost* regular). I'm sleeping pretty much through the night (got a WICKED new mattress). I have an appetite and am eating normally again. Although what I want for supper at 5pm, changes by 5:15pm. So it's totally driving my husband bananas. Oh! Yum! Speaking of bananas... (what, Bert? I can't hear you, I have a banana in my ear!) I think I'll make banana bread tonight!

I all round feel great. I feel healthy. I feel good.

So 8 weeks yesterday. I weigh 127 now, up from 123.4. And it went directly to my waistline. Yup, look like I have a spare tire, albeit a small one, but a spare tire nonetheless, wrapped around what used to be my waist. Hey, it's better than going straight to my ass.

Boobs, still sore. Not needing a new bra yet, but they're still fabulous! Still needing a nap mid-afternoon or so, but still for only 20 minutes. Although yesterday I had THREE naps! I thought it was the exhaustion finally starting, but I think it was just that I worked really hard in the garden the day before and was physically exhausted. Whatevs.

Looking forward to my doctor's appointment on the 25th. I have so many questions for her. Mostly just stuff like can I travel in July and October? Can I eat Salba? What's safe to take when I have indigestion from eating WAY too much? Can I deliver at BC Women's Hospital?

And here is the little one at 8 weeks:

And a picture of an 8-week ultrasound (not mine, just found it on the web):

Big head, eh?

So this week it moves from an embryo to a fetus (which means offspring, apparently). My uterus is still expanding (which would explain the cramping that still comes around once in a while), to accommodate the little fella, who now measures 1.6 cm.

His tail is gone (kinda sad. Having a tail is cool.), and his organs, muscles and nerves are beginning to function! His hands bend at the wrist. His feet are loosing the webbed aspect. He has eyelids. Eyelids!

I'm just so in love with this little guy. When I got my email from babycentre yesterday saying "Welcome to Week 8!", and I started reading how it's developing this week, I just started to bawl. I'm just so in love!


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