Monday, June 16, 2008

I've GOT to remember to have some sort of protein during the day or I'm STARVING all the time.

Let me see... what did I have today?

1/4-ish cup plain yogurt at breakfast (to smush up my prenatal vitamin because I can't swallow pills - especially ones as big as prenatals), plum, apple, prune juice (which is working magnificantly).

Grilled cheese sammy at lunch while watching the end of the US Open... and then watching Hole 19. Poor Rocco (is it Meed-ee-ate or Meed-ee-ate-ay?). He messed up on the 18th, big time. I wanted to see the underdog win this one. Anyhoo, I digress.

At 6pm I dashed out to pick up some tomatoes and potatos for a curry dinner and I realized I was STARVING to no end. I hardly ate all day. Well, usually that would fill me, but not these days. Apparently I'm not eating for two yet - I guess in the first trimester you really don't have to eat that much more than you usually do - but my God, I've got to eat protein or my body fights back.

So... the curry is on the stove, the husband is doing the lawn, and I'm eating peanut butter and crackers to hold me over until din-din.

All for now,

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