Tuesday, July 1, 2008

10 weeks and still going strong!

Something else I've noticed that I forgot to mention is that when I'm hungry... I'm HUNGRY. It's not like, "oh, I'm getting hungry, I should start making something." It's more like I'm STARVING right away. No time to "prepare" anything, I've got to eat NOW. So that's when I shove down cheese and crackers to tide me over until lunch or supper's ready. And that's why I've learned to prepare everything well in advance. For example, I made my egg sandwich at 7am thismorning and my salad dressing (boo hoo to no garlic) and fish marinade for supper, I'll make after lunch.

I weigh 124.4 lbs which is odd that I'm still losing weight. Now I'm down 2.2 lbs from last week, and yet I look like I've gained weight (remember? No waist anymore). Could be my scale. At the doctor's last week I weighed in at 122lbs even though my scale said different. Who knows. Everything I've researched says it's ok, so I'm not worried. I'll just mention it again at my next appt.

Looks the same as the ultrasound from last week, only he's longer now. 1.2 inches. And he weights 4 grams (again... Dena??? What's that in english?) (Canadian, not British!). It's so cute I have to post it again:

He looks more like a person now, than a bean. He's swallowing now, and kicking. Each day new things are happening, like fingernails and peach-fuzz! His irises are developed and his eye colour is determined already! His vital organs are fully formed and functional. His spine is developed and spinal nerves stretch out from the spinal cord. His genitalia is forming. We're 8 weeks away from finding out if he's a boy or a girl!

My uterus is now the size of a grapefruit.

And so are my boobs!


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