Friday, July 11, 2008

Week 11

I think I'm going to stop weighing myself, and leave that up to the doctor. My scale is all over the place.

Or my weight is.

Thismorning I weighed in at 123.8 lbs. Tuesday I was 124.8. Who's to say? I can't be losing weight, can I? I mean my waist is expanding! Go figure.

Not too much new going on. Still get the odd cramping session and butterflies, like I'm being tickled from the inside. And my insides feels a bit tight. Hard to explain.

I've got to eat every 4 hours or I'm a BEAR. And that total starvation feeling hits me like a ton of bricks and I've got to eat at that very moment or all hell breaks loose. As Tim Ferris mastered the 4-hour work week, I'm mastering the every-4-hour sandwich.

We're heading to the Stevie Wonder show on Saturday and then off to Whistler for our anniverary get-away until Monday night. We're hitting LA and Anaheim from July 24-30, then our next doctor appointment on August 1. We'll announce the pregnancy to everyone on the 2nd although most people know (but not our friends or Donald's family. Or Dad.) We just really want to hear the heartbeat before that. I am more nervous than I thought about it actually. This is the time last year that everything happened, so I'm just sitting on pins & needles waiting to hear his heart. Trying to keep myself very busy in the meantime.

So here's what he's like at 11 weeks:

The critical part of his development is over, now it's a major growth stage. His liver, intestines, brain and lungs are functioning on their own. Amazing, at only 11 weeks all this is happening! His hair starts to grow. Genitals begin to take on the gender characteristics. Kidneys are beginning to function so the amniotic fluid is accumulating.

He's 1.61 inches and weighs 7 grams. He's getting big!

How are his mom and dad doing?

Totally arguing about putting a mural in his room. His mom hates murals. His dad likes them.

Mom will win this battle.

Next week I might start putting up belly pics. Might. I'm not sure I can stand to look at them myself. I can't wait to start looking pregnant instead of chunky.

All for now.


Aunt Pat said...

O-K, This is the 15th time I've tried to send a msg. Here is the message: NO PHOTO OF BELLY YET!!!!

Stephi said...

OK OK! I actually took a couple but was not impressed. I've never had any fat on my belly before, so I was grossed out because I was still in the "chunky belly" stage and not the "pregnant belly" stage! BUT, things have changed, seriously overnight (!!) and I'll be putting belly shots up soon, I swear! Jesus woman, I can hear your impatience from here! xoxo.

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