Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Week 12.

Two different thoughts I found: I am officially in the 2nd trimester, OR, the 2nd trimester officially starts next week. Whatever. I'm at week 12. And he looks like this:

I love the first one! How cute is that? Looks like he's floating in a cloud. But I thought he'd look more like a baby now and less like an alien. That's why I put the pic of his foot on here too. And the 3d ultrasound. God, 3d ultrasounds are CREEPY. Not getting one unless it's better for diagnostics if the blood tests come back freaky. Quick fact: an extremely high percentage of babies COVER THEIR EYES when a 3d ultrasound is performed. So yeah, it's not "cute" that they cover their eyes... they're traumatized (trying to find the link and will provide when I do find it). Not going there. Nothing against the folks that do, but it's not for me. (Again, unless 3d's are better diagnostic tools, and ONLY if need be.)

Anyhow, I digress.

I'm feeling great. Still a bit crampy now and then. Boobs still sore, thought that would have slowed down by now, but not yet. I don't expect this to change at all, but I'm still having to eat as soon as I get the inkling, and same goes with using the washroom. When I gotta go, I gotta go. When I gotta eat, I gotta eat. End of story. Donald is getting used to it now. But he does make a great point when he asks, "Why don't you carry a little snack with you." I don't know why it never dawned on me. So I'll buy something next time we're grocery shopping. Something handy and healthy.

Clothing? Not fitting. Not fitting comfortably anyway. Still looking chunky moreso than pregnant. Having a great time with it all though.

Enough about me, onto the baby:

Vocal chords are beginning to form, his eyes are moving closer (maybe next week he won't look so much like an alien?) and his ears move to their normal place on the side of his head. His intestines are moving farther into his body (wtf?) and his liver begins to function. The pancreas begins to produce insulin (had no idea that's where it is produced).

His bones have begun to grow and his backbone and ribs are formed... still soft, they'll harden later.

He's 2.13 inches and has doubled his weight from last week to a whopping 14 grams!

We had a wonderful couple of days in Whistler. No pictures, kept forgetting to take out the camera, but came home nice and relaxed and happy to have celebrated our 2nd anniversary pregnant! We went walking around a golf course until I remembered that Whistler is BEAR COUNTRY and decided to go shopping instead, and Donald looked at me and said that I actually looked pregnant. "Fat, or pregnant?" "Definitely pregnant". So perhaps I did pop a little bit. My body is just such a weird shape right now, but I'm loving it! Totally found a 0.0% beer. Kind of barleyish, but who cares...the taste of beer was delightful.

I miss beer.

We've been talking lately of what I'm going to have for my First Meal post-pregnancy (meaning in the hospital and as soon as I can!) and I decided on Tojo's sushi (and only Tojo's) and I think a mimosa. Deeners and I were chatting about it and I didn't think I could handle alcohol but she mentioned mimosa and it's kind of sounding good. We'll see. But Tojo's for sure.


Aunt Pat said...

Hey Kiddos
Hope all is well and everyone is happy and healthy.
Mama will soon be there. You must be so excited!!
Chow for now

Stephi said...

Love you Pat, thinking of you too! xoxo.

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