Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Week 13!

We're officially in the 2nd trimester. But we're still not telling the world yet.

I'm feeling pregnant now. It's hard to explain becuase I'm not very big, I'm just feeling, "more". It's bizarre. My dreams are still weird, and incredibly lucid, but I'm liking that! I'm looking for something I can take for the plane ride on Thursday because I get airsick now (over the past year... I'm not a good traveller anymore), and I don't know what's safe to take during pregnancy. I've got to find out, because I got a little motion sickness on the skytrain thismorning... so you just KNOW if there's any turbulence on the way to LA, I'll be a friggin' basket case.

The baby is now 3 inches long and weights an ounce. The placenta weighs about an ounce too. All the teeth are in and ready to go. The fingerprints are fully formed. The intestines are still moving inside to where they're supposed to be. His neck is getting longer and his chin has now lifted off his chest.

Here's a pic of how it looks right now:

More like a baby, less like an alien....

All for now.

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