Friday, July 25, 2008

Landed at LAX yesterday, quickly found Donald (he landed 1/2 hour before me and was waiting for me at my luggage carousel. Love him.), got changed, grabbed a cab and headed into Hollywood for my meeting. Had a hoot with the gals there, got some celebrity BREAKING gossip while I was visiting as well (Dena, I'll fill you in when I get home but it has to do with a transgendered teen who's CELEBRITY parents just took her out of school here in LA to avoid the embarrassment as it's all about to hit the fan. And it's kinda sad because we love her parents).

Also got the chance for product placement in a new fall drama for TNT starring Timothy Dutton.
Anyone have an ideas for cool, funky, sleek items for the desk of a cool, sleek, male executive? I need something yesterday so leave me a comment with your ideas including link ASAP.

Anyway, dashed out of there, cabbed it back to LAX, grabbed my husband (God love him... waited at airport for a total of 4 hours for me), hopped back in the cab and cabbed to Disneyland. Total cab cost: $200.00. Insane. Should have rented a car but, believe it or not, didn't have time. (Just so you know, $200.00 is the same cost as a cab from Whistler to Vancouver.) (Don't ask.)

By this time I was starving and tired so I'm so glad I'm packing healthy snacks these days.

I'm popping more and more. I'm not that big by any means, but I'm popping nonetheless. Here I am at Disney last night:

So funny... I'm so skinny and yet have this weird shape to the front of me.

Mom will probably laugh and call me silly for posting these pics when, to other people, I just look chunky, but trust me the pictures don't do the baby bump justice!

By the way? Disney is GREAT (if you're three years old).

Weather seems to be warming up, it's 11:30am, I think I'll pack in the work and hit the pool



Aunt Pat said...

BELLY ?????

Stephi said...

Hey, might not look like much to you, but that bump is not usually there!

Gail said...

Steph, you really look pregnant. too cute. Let me kknow how much weight after next appt.

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