Friday, August 8, 2008

Here's a link to some Chinese superstitions around pregnany. I wish I never read them! And shhh... don't tell Donald about them or he'll make me follow them to a tee. One thing though, mom... you're keeping the stroller we buy in your house until the baby is born! AND, I'm giving you the clothes we have for him next time I see you. You can keep these at your house too. (Because I know you have SO much storage space!) I can't find anything on the web about our unborn baby being jealous of the other children's attention (uh, yeah) so I think they're crazy, but whatevs. I love them, looney as they may be.


Gail said...

I will have to clear out my linen closet for the storage. Am going back to read the beliefs of the Chinese culture .around prenancy

Anonymous said...

OK, just wanted to say I did pretty much everything wrong, according to Chinese superstition. I wonder if eating all that fish is the reason Adaira loves the water? Oh well, I gave up sweating the small stuff for New Years, so no worries!

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