Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The little thing is about the size of an avacado! That's alot bigger than I imagined. No wonder I can feel it swishing around in there. Actually, it's not swishing anymore, it's actually moving around! Wild.

Apparently she plays with her umbilical cord. (What else is a girl to do when there's 5 more months of nothing to do?) (Except grow and function.... :0)

And yes, I said girl. For some reason I changed my mind a bit and think it's a girl. Not totally, but whenever I talk about it, I say, "She". It surprised me at first, I mean, I'm having a boy! Where did this Girl stuff come from?! My girlfriend Nicola's daughter Ruby (2 yrs) said it's a girl too. We'll see soon enough!

Something I found interesting, if not a tad terrifying: his ears have moved to his head from his NECK. When the hell were they on his neck?

They say insomnia hits around this time, and boy has it ever! I'm awake until midnight or 1am, not tired at all, I fall asleep around 1am or so only to wake up between 3 and 4 and can't sleep. So I get up and watch the home shopping channel, infomercials, CNN, whatever is on. And I do that for a couple of hours, until falling asleep finally around 6am again. It's tiring!

I have BRUTAL indigestion. Brutal. No matter what I eat. Especially, and this is so sad, chocolate chip cookies. I keep forgetting to pick up Tums when I'm out. And I really get mad about it later on!

My blood pressure is still low, I'm assuming, because I can't stand too quickly without getting a rush. And I feel like a trainwreck most mornings. Just for the first 5 seconds or so. Almost hung-over feeling. Kind feel like this looks:

That's my girl Ling Ling. Not so glamorous at this angle!

I'm going to start yoga again... just have to find yoga clothes to fit! Another reason to go shopping.

Here I am at 16 weeks on the nose:

That's all for now.

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