Monday, August 25, 2008

I forgot how much I love Gordon Lightfoot until just now when I started listening to Cotton Jenny. I love Anne Murray's version too, but there's just something about Gord.... Have a listen here: I have no idea what the photo slide show is about but can't find it anywhere else.

I think what I'm going to do is create a list of songs for my brother to learn so that he can sing this little one to sleep when he's over. (You SO know a party is going to break out if Simon brings his guitar!)

So I'll start with Cotton Jenny (and there's a GREAT tambourine solo in it for me!). Simon, if you ever read this, keep your eyes peeled to the right sidebar. That's where your list will be.

The 2nd song will totally be an Anne Murray song, I just don't know which one because I love them all. Probably some Ian Thomas thrown in for good measure ("...painted ladies and a bottle of wine, mama..."). Did you know that Ian Thomas is Dave Thomas' brother? Dave Thomas as in Bob & Doug MacKenzie!

Take off, eh?

Such a Canadian theme going here. Good times. I'm sure I've totally messed up the American readers. Whatevs.

Hmmm, I'm going to need some Conway Twitty and Ronnie Milsap too. Not so Canadian, but great tunes.

How much you want to bet that I'll be the one who falls asleep?

Like one time when I lived in Halifax, I was trying to teach my cat, Abu (AKA the cat that nobody else in the family wanted) to Sit. I had a little cat treat in my hand and was in the kitchen trying to train her. (Yeah, I know.) Anyways, I kept hearing a funny sound behind me each time I said, "Sit". I never thought anything of it. Fast forward 20 minutes (ok, ok, probably 3 minutes. You ever try to teach a cat to sit?), and I tried in one last time. I heard the sound again and looked behind me and it was my dog, Sarah! She wanted the treat and each time I said, "Sit" to Abu, Sarah would do it! It was friggin' hilarious!

Oh I miss her. She would have been great with the baby. But I must admit, Donald and I think that Chicken is Sarah reincarnated. Seriously.

Tomorrow we're at 18 weeks! That means only one more week until the detailed ultrasound and we'll find out if we're painting the nursery pink or blue!

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Anonymous said...

Oh please - do you really not know what a cotton jenny is? The pictures really do tell the story.
Ask your Ma Ma
Auntie Pat

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