Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Week 18!

I read somewhere yesterday that rubbing my belly will help the baby bond with me, and vice versa of course, so I'm totally doing that and sending lots of love and light and good mojo to him/her. However, there is a superstition that says not to rub your belly or the child will be a spoiled one.

Who cares? I don't mind at all. Although he'll have to settle with being spoiled with love, not money.

Until we are multi-millionaires, then we can spoil him with money. And until that time rolls around, we'll spoil with love and Superstore coupons. :)

Anyway, I got way off the topic here.

How fascinating is this: a baby can already learn, remember and recognize before it's born.

The baby is now about 6" and 190 grams. His growth will slow down a bit now (I didn't really think it was that quick actually. But what do I know? I've never had anything growing inside of me before. Except hunger. And thirst. And those aren't nearly as pleasant.)

Basically, the baby is about the size of a can of soup. Hmmm... that seems somehow smaller than an avacado. Or around the same. Whatever week 17 was.

Baby is now starting to produce a protective covering along the nerves, called Myelin. (There. That's the scientific aspect for today.)

Donald and I both dreamt the other night that we had a girl. Hmmmm..

And, apparently I'm carrying high, so that's a sign of a girl.

AND, I'm liking sweets (hot fudge sundae almost each night!) and according to my friend Mona, that's a sign of a girl too.

What are the signs of a boy? The exact opposite, I'm sure, but what else? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

I'll post a belly shot over the next few days. I'm too tired to hunt for my camera right now!

Hello to Dad and Marian who FINALLY have the internet and are reading now. (Love you!)



Anonymous said...

Have you done the string test yet?

Gail said...

Why don't you have everyone rub you belly. No strangers of course. The babe will be sooooo spoiled, but that is okay.

Stephi said...

@Moira: going to google the string test now.
@gail: I actually don't mind too much when people touch my belly. Go figure.

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