Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lizzie emailed me (Hi Liz!) and said she reads this blog every day, so I'll try to update more than I am. Sometimes there's not much to say, but then at night I think of a whole bunch. I'm usually so good at immediate recall and recollection, but I'm finding that with the pregnancy I totally have baby-brain (I hate that term but there you go) and forget things, even/especially in mid-sentence.... where was I again? Oh yes, Post Scripts.

When Donald and I were STUCK ON THE RIDE FOR AN HOUR IN THE EARTHQUAKE, we had nothing to do but talk to each other and we were totally laughing at the adventures the baby is having and he's not even born yet. Trip to LA, Disneyland, getting caught in an earthquake, hitting Vegas in October... good times.

Speaking of trip to LA: not sick whatsoever on the plane. Not even an inkling. My stocmach did not drop, swirl, tell me off, nothing. These things work! Hmmm... might look into designing some "pretty" ones as they're kinda really ugly and boring. The bands I have are an ugly grey colour. Would be fun in bright colours. Kinda like crocs, they're so ugly I bought the brightest colour I could find. Go big or go home. Anyway, I digress.... I didn't know if they really worked before because everytime I wear them I'm also on either sea-sick pills that Simon used to bring from the cruiseship or ativan that my doctor prescribed when my trapezius was mucked up. (Yeah, that's a story for another day. Let's just say I'm looking for a new doctor. But God, I'm glad I had the prescription filled. Saved my ass on flights. Nothing like totally sleeping through fear. And then for two straight days after. Yeah, I'm really sensitive to drugs and they knock me right out. Except at the dentist, I always need 5 needles.)

Product placement didn't pan out. I found something cool (this usb easy button) but it was too commercial-like for them. They wanted more of a "cool stapler" kinda thing. Oh well, I can't see how they would have allowed logos anyway. I mean, talk about commercial!

I still miss beer.


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Gail said...

Having trouble making comments - never show up onthe blog. Here goes again. This is a test.
Baby is growing and Steph looks greatin and is enjoying the growing baby. Donald is thrilled.

PS: I would love a seasick bracelet and in orange and purple, cute and useful.

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