Friday, August 22, 2008

What's with the turnip picture?

That's about how much the baby weighs right now!

The little guy is 5 ounces - that's 141.75 grams (which is usually the amount of roast beef I get at the deli. Back when I could eat deli meat.)

(Not trying to liken my baby to deli meat, but hey, I just likened him to a turnip. Or as my girlfriend Margaret would say, "la turnipe".) (Crazy newfies.)

He's 5.12 inches long, crown to rump. That's almost 1/2 a foot! Now it's all coming together, and I can get my head around his size. He's actually large enough to give me a good kick, but it still doesn't feel like a "kick". Just fluttery.

And, actually, a bit gassy.

Excuse me.

His hearing is more fine-tuned, so I'm talking to him more and more. At first I was like, "what the hell do you say to something the size of an lima bean, who's ears are on his neck, and intestines on the OUTSIDE? And then I just thought, whatever! I can talk to my little baby about whatever. So I gab away all the time.

Not while I'm watching tv however. It drives me bananas when people are chatty-friggin-cathies during a good show.

His vocal chords are formed. He actually goes through the motions of crying, but doesn't make a peep becuase there's no air.

Meconium is accumulating in the bowl. What's in there now will actually be his first poo!

Excuse me.

All for now. I have two more weeks of looking at this picture, and then there will be a new one. So enjoy along with me:

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