Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Comments, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Your baby is adorable. For some reason to me it looks older than 19 weeks! I haven't seen one of these since my little brother, and that wasn't a close up. So, wait.. It is a boy then? I hope you show pictures once your baby is born. :D

Anonymous said...

it's a boy! Wow! Overwhelm? I think your currency with the in-laws probably just increased... no?

I'm so happy for you, Donald and Little Lee. What about Lee Lee - that would be a good name.

:) love you guys, Nicola

Anonymous said...

A boy then... I must say I am taken by surprise and will now have to return the outfit I bought. Congratulations to the family and I am with Nicola, Lee Lee has a nice ring to it.

Love to the three of you,

Anonymous said...

You could run a competition for a name. Might be fun.
Grammy Gail OR NANNY Gail or what shall I call myself.

Anonymous said...

What Sawyer?

(Elizabeth told me to say that) and I kinda like it too!!

GREAT Auntie Pat

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