Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 19!

Here we are, week 19 and going for THE ultrasound in 10 minutes so I've got to make this quick.... felt the baby kick for the first time thismorning at 6:27am! At least I'm pretty sure it was a kick. I was wide awake for a few reasons: Donald got home at 3:15, which is early for the last day of the Fair and I got up with him and didn't get back to sleep until 7:45am thismorning and I got up at 8:00am to have a shower and have my morning before heading to BC Women's. And so here I am, exhausted and a little stressed about the morning ahead of us.

First ultrasound ever, last January ('07), found nothing. I had already started to miscarry at 5 weeks so there was nothing but an empty uterus staring back at me. Which I had dreamt about.

2nd ultrasound ever, last June ('07), showed a fetus, dancing up a storm with a strong heartbeat and measuring well, only to die a few days later. Which I also dreamt about.

So I'm not liking ultrasounds much. Just want to make sure the kick I felt thismorning wasn't all in my head. Good news? I haven't had a miscarriage dream this time around. Wish us luck!

And hey, there might be a different colour to this blog next time you read....hopefully they'll tell us in a few hours whether it's a boy or girl!


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