Friday, September 19, 2008

I didn't think I was gaining that much weight so far in the pregnancy. Remember? Only gained 8 lbs as of September 2.

Then I saw this picture:

My boobs and belly look fantastic, but what's with the 700 chins? And is there a thing with teeth turning yellow during pregnancy? WTF?

And Jeff looks fab! We had such a great dinner, laughing and catching up. I was talking to the little guy (I can't wait until I can call him by his name, instead of "Little Guy" or "Little Baby Lee", or whatever) before I left to meet him for supper and was trying to explain the friendship we have but kept laughing my head off. Even when I made it to the restaurant, we just giggled and laughed our heads off for the first few minutes.

I do love him so.

And this one from last week, out on a harbour cruise with mom.

Holy Cow! I look massive. I look like friggin' godzilla next to mom!

Wow, I'm really getting up there.



Anonymous said...

Her name was Ms. Dill

What did you have at Crave? (how appropriate for a pregnant chica!!)

I love how you are blossoming, very...shall we say sexy?


Stephi said...

Ms. Dill? The bigger lady with short hair? I thought Ms. Dill was the gorgeous one. Or did she only teach at Sackville? Hmm... either way I loved my teacher. I loved her passion. Like Mrs. Rudderham. I loved her too! She got me passionate about English! Where was I again????.... Oh yes, I was about to thank you for the compliment. I don't feel that big until I see myself in a pitcure (oops, sorry for the spelling, I'm shovelling another forkful of Chocolate Zucchini cake in my mouth....) xoxo!

Mona said...

Stephanie!! You look absolutely fabulous, what a sexy momma you are!!

Anonymous said...

Ewhhhh Belly Button - That wouldbe just enough to me over the top. Hey You and Ma Ma look wonderful!!!
Auntie Pat

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