Friday, September 19, 2008

I had this great biology teacher in grade 11 or 12. Can't remember her name, but she just LOVED biology. And her passion for the subject really got me to catch on. I listened, I learned. I loved biology too. (Fast forward 20 years and there's no way I can tell you anything about cross-breeding rabbits for different colours but it all made sense at the time).

And when she started teaching us the skeletal system? I was blown away. I loved it! Learning the bones, the muscles, the organs, everything. Just loved it.

Apparently, when she was in training, one of their class outings was to watch an autopsy. They all went into the VG in their crisp white lab coats and got settled in the morgue.

Fast forward to the end of the autopsy when only a handful of students were left (the rest were barfing in the bathroom or passed out in another room). She leaves the room and puts her hand in her pocket and what does she pull out?

Ewwwwww... a friggin' bellybutton! Somebody played a prank on her and put the belly button from the corpse in her pocket.

The point of this story?

You'd never get my belly button.

Because it's disappearing.

Almost before my eyes.

I guess what's happening is that it's slowly/quickly turning from an innie to an outie. Except it's just expanding so much that it's no longer a crater, but almost non-existent. I expect one of these days I'll wake up like that guy in Kyle XY who has no bellybutton.

Or I'll wake up and it'll be poking out of me.



Anonymous said...

ummm... it's Tuesday and I see that you haven't written since Friday and I'm thinking to myself - are you self-involved or not? You really have to commit to self-involvement, y'know! :) ha ha NIcola

Stephi said...

So demanding, you people, so demanding!

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