Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well, we did it! We agreed on a name for the little guy. And I LOVE it! I'm not half sold, I'm not, "well... I guess it's ok", I LOVE IT! Donald does too, I know. The thing is, we had to do some total negotiation last night over dinner at Stella's on Commercial. (And when I say, "negotiation" I mean the conversation went like this: "Stephanie, I want a Christian name in the mix somehow." "But darling, you haven't been to church since you married me." Donald looks at me and says, "Exactly".)
So, since he still wanted a "Jesus" name we agreed that if we named the baby, "X", he could pick a Christian name for his middle name. And his parents will pick the Chinese name. And we already know his last name, so we're all set!

Unless, of course, he totally comes out and is a different sort of name all together!


I bought a baby book a few weeks ago, it's just beautiful. Beautifully illustrated, beautiful poems throughout, I just fell in love with it. I updated it a bit this morning, but we don't know where Donald's parents were born nor do we know his grandparents names or where they were born, so we've got to take it over to the in-laws next week and get them to tell us.

This could be an issue.

First of all, we don't know anything about any of their births or hometowns because they don't have birth certificates. They just don't. They didn't get lost, they didn't get stolen, they weren't burnt in a fire.... they just simply don't record births. Maybe in present-day China they do (although there WAS that total scene with the fourteen (or whatever) year old gymnast during the Olympics...), but not up to 40 years ago. Donald's oldest sisters that were born in China don't even have a record of their birth. And Donald's dad's birthday keeps changing every year because he was born on the Chinese New Year, which is based on a lunar calendar and so it changes every year as well. (For the record, our baby is due on Chinese New Year too. Could be interesting.)

So that's ONE issue.

The other?

Superstition. Donald's mom won't tell any of the kids any information surrounding their birth, let alone the time of their birth, because she's afraid the evil spirits will find them and bring them harm. That's just their superstition, that's fine, I just hope we can have a record for the family tree, of her parents names and birth places.

That's it for today. We're heading out to Steveston to walk around the pier and do some shopping. Totally having Indian Summer today... it's supposed to get to over 26 degrees!


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Anonymous said...

Of course you got to choose, of course you did!

Post Secret, love it, but am now racking my brain for something to share, how therapeutic!

Love you and our chat on Sat,

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