Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We made it to the half-way mark! 20 weeks today. (So then, is that 4.5 months or 5 months. So bizarre....).

Updates on our little guy:

I guess the "kicks" I've been feeling ARE kicks after all. They feel more like popcorn popping (or gas) (Excuse me), but from the research I've done online he's definitely kicking. And when I say, "kicks", I mean more along the lines of "pokes". Little pokes. The first time I felt it was the morning of the ultrasound, September 2, and then the next time was last Thursday at the in-laws. And he was very active that night. Only for a little bit, but I could feel it like a mini mini mini mini jackhammer against the inside of my belly for about 5 or 6 seconds. And then nothing. Only once every few days do I feel the little pokes. I'm not gonna freak though.

I'm not going to freak.

I'm not going to freak.

Just because other mom's I've been reading about say that once they start, it can be felt all the time... doesn't mean that my baby will be kicking up a storm constantly. So I'm not panicking when I don't feel him.

Not panicking whatsoever.

Not me.

It's sure nice to feel though.

Donald hasn't felt him; it's early in the morning when he's still sleeping or late at night when I'm getting settled into bed. I don't know if you can really feel it from the outside yet anyway, it's more like an "inside" feeling.

My DTCM is the first person to hold my belly and get down on her knees and speak to him. She did that thismorning. I almost started to cry! It was beautiful. I felt the vibration right down to my ankles - so much love coming from her directed right to my baby. It really was a spectacular moment. Weird, I know, that I was so affected by one of my doctors sending all that love to my child. Buy maybe that's exactly why I was so affected - because it was a doctor sending love, instead of a doctor sending results, or information, or procedural instructions, or whatever. Not Dr. Tanya. Just pure love.

And for the mom?

I'm tired in the afternoons. Still needing that quick nap every day and then I'm good to go. I am getting emotional - friends have told me that it would start soon. And it sure has. Out of the blue it strikes. Just started the other night when I went to bed, listening to Chopin and reading (an INCREDIBLE book: Water for Elephants).

But I'm embracing it. I'm loving it. Just loving everything that is going on with me and the baby. Dr. Tanya asked me how I was feeling and I said that I feel the absolute healthiest I've ever felt. Being pregnant, to me, just feels perfect. Really really healthy.

If it was a colour it would be green. If it was a place, it would be a lush, rich jungle. That's how good I'm feeling.

And this is how my belly is looking:

Before I sign off, everyone go over to http://www.robertslove.blogspot.com/ and say hi. She's following this blog. Treat her nice, she's a newlywed! (And her name is Stephanie too, so we love her!)



Stephanie said...

You are so sweet! I was in shock when I was reading and all of sudden *pop* there was my blog's name. hehe. I didn't even know "they" would tell you I was following. Such a sweet story and congratulations! You are the cutest tiny pregnant gal ever :) Good luck with it ALL!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie,

Don't sweat the lack of kicks, it was the same for me with Adi.

Actually when my water broke a month early, the hospital staff did a planning score and one of the things involved is the # of times you feel the baby kick in a certain time period. Now Adaira was a night owl, so she didn't kick at that time of the morning, ever!

Although the nurse thought that was abnormal, I had confidence in Adaira's routine.

Kicks from 2am to 5am. Nap until 10am, then the odd kick, until 2pm when it was game on again. Even on a good day, she didn't bend it like Beckham. Believe in what you know is real and don't sweat other people's preconceptions, it is so much more fun!!

Love you!

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