Wednesday, October 8, 2008

24 weeks!

6 months. My God, where Did the time go? Seriously. I just found out I was pregnant, like, yesterday, so how in the world can I be six months along already. The time is flying by.

It's actually kind of sad. I'm enjoying my pregnancy so much. I've never felt better, healthier, than I have with this pregnancy. How am I going to feel when the little guy is on the outside, and I can only see his kicks, not feel them pounding incessantly against by bladder gently tapping me with love from the inside?

A quick recap:

  • Found out I was pregnant. Even though we had planned on it, I was surprised in a way
  • Off the charts delighted!
  • Quit all the bad stuff (cigarettes and wine) (and soft cheese and sushi) (and caffeine)
  • Constipation city
  • Discovered, finally, prune juice
  • Nauseus for 7 weeks
  • found out my best gal pal was pregnant too
  • smooth sailin'
  • lovin' the belly
  • found out we're having a boy!

And the baby?

  • Started out at little cells, so small you couldn't even see them
  • Is now a foot long, everything is formed, but still developing
  • Can hear
  • Can cry, but without sound as there is no air in there
  • Has learned to swallow, suck his thumb, and kick his mom when she wakes up in a fright in the middle of the night
  • Knows nothing except what is. And I find that beautiful.

And so here I am at 6 months about to rock go to Vegas.

Might not post while I'm there as I'll be super busy with the show, but may tweet (sign in, type 140 characters, sign out. Done. The quickest way to blog and keep you up to date.). So check the pinkish/purplish box up on the right for updates and I'll post pics when I can.

All for now.
Lars and the Real Girl
Stephi and the little guy.

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