Tuesday, October 14, 2008

25 weeks today!

He's beginning to make some breathing movements - but no air in his lungs yet. His senses are developing like mad: he will respond to touch and to light. Apparently, if I shine a light on my belly, he'll turn his head in that direction. So I guess it's not a bad thing, if he's looking in the direction of the light, instead of away from the light. Good times.

He's 1.5 lbs and is about 13.5 inches long (crown to heel). He's growing! That's why, I guess, I can feel him down by my pelvis and then in the next moment, he's up past my belly button (WHAT BELLYBUTTON?). Arms and legs moving like mad in there. He's a busy little boy, doing all that growing. The structures that form the spine start to form this week, and the blood vessels in the lungs continue to develop. His nostrils are shaping up, and may even open at the end of this week.

Time is flying. It just hit me. I've got alot to do in a very short time period. Only 15 more weeks. What's freaking me out, actually, is that every time I read something about where I'm at during this point in the pregnancy, it now says, "If your baby is delivered at this time, it would have a good chance of surviving." See? It brings up the what-ifs. What IF it decides to come this early? We're not ready! So I'm freaking out a bit. Anyhoo, Don is going to paint the nursery in November when he's taking a few weeks off. We're going to hit the States to buy the nursery furniture (depends how the dollar looks), and I've got to register for my shower - I'm simply assuming that someone is going to have one for me. I hope someone is, they're always fun... except I won't be drinking. And I don't want any of those lame-ass games. I'd just like to spend an afternoon with my best gal pals, is what it boils down to.

So, onto the mom. What's happening with me this week?

I'm getting cramps, which hasn't happened since early in my 2nd trimester. And I guess it's the ligaments that are stretching on either side of my belly as well.... when I back up my car or turn too sharply, they pull. It feels like two bungy cords in there. Or springs or something. Anyhow, I'm sure it's normal.

It's difficult to sleep through the night. I get quite conjested. I also have a hard time getting comfortable, and rolling over is a whole production on it's own. I really would like the whole bed to myself so I can be comfy, but I don't think Donald would take that very well. Although if he says one more time that the best part of my turkey soup was the bun, he can sleep at his mother's for the rest of the pregnancy.

My uterus is the size of a volleyball. That's pretty friggin' big. My yoga teacher is bringing in some pictures of where everything is inside as I can't find anything online. If you can believe that - nothing online anywhere. I just am wanting to know where everything, other organs and such, go when the uterus expands so much. Things are moved around in there and pushed up, etc, and I can't find pictures of that anywhere.

I'm heading off this week for the blood work to check for diabetes. Nothing exciting there, just updating you.

I just read that this is when some pregnant women start to pee themselves.

Maybe that's how I can get the whole bed to myself.



Barbara Rahal said...

mm its amazing that there are no infoo about how the organs inside make place for the baby...mm I am very curious now... ah aha but I dont really wanna picture how it is...let me know after you see whatever your yoga teacher brings...hugs B

Your belly looks bigger and you looks cutter!!!
Some fine art photos soon please!!

Oolong tea time for me...besos in your belly

Anonymous said...

ummm... about the peeing. One word: keigels! Squeeze that perineum babe - start now. Is that more than one word? Start now. Did I mention that you should start now?

What you may not have read is that AFTER the baby, when everything has been, how do you say it delicately, ummm, 'rearranged' down THERE, there may come a time when you sneeze and pee.

So, I say, start now.

Am I clear?

:) Nicola

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

LOL! I guess I'd better start doing my keigels again, too. I've been lucky so far (2 kids and no sneeze=pee responses). I've heard that may be thanks to the c-sections.

I love the pic. of you - so cute. My face is too covered in red spots to show on my blog - so I've just been taking pics of my belly. But, you look great (maybe bc you are having a boy and we will probably end up having a third girl). We are really close together! I'm 24 weeks today. :)

Stephi said...

@Barb: I promise, we'll do some pics when I'm a bit bigger. Next time I see you let's chat about what you're after and we'll take it from there.

@Nicola: Keigels..great reminder. I'll do them during commercials and when stopped at a light. That way I won't forget.. or so I say now.

@NormaAnn: thanks for joining this gong show! Your input and comments are welcomed, especially seeing as we're due around the same time - I'd love to get your input on things, and comments on some of my craziness! Congrats on your pregnancy (ps: peaked at your blog last night, you're friggin' hilarious!)

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