Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I just put a load of baby clothes in the dryer and started to cry. I think it's all becoming more real as we start to prepare more. Start to prepare more physically with getting things ready.

We got a new (new to us) glider for free from a family member but want to reupholster it. It will cost more than buying one new. That brought tears to my eyes as well.

Tonight I'm going to post on cloth diapers - we're revisiting our decision as we've found more out about disposables. More to come! (Just remembered I'm 26 weeks today,will post that update later too.)


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Anonymous said...

you may just want to cover the chair with a really cozy blanket because once the first spit-up hits that new upholstery, you'll think about what else you could've spent that money on... :)


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