Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh God.

This was the first yoga class where I felt like a walrus.

Not a beached whale... A friggin' walrus. I felt heavy and uncoordinated and stiff.

It was glorious!

I'm hitting that stage. That stage where, even though I'm not gaining much weight, I'm getting heavier. Or I'm feeling heavier anyway.

I've popped again as well. As my brother-in-law said last night (a few of us went on The Haunted Vancouver Trolley tour), "your air bag has deployed". Nice one. But so true!

I was laying there on the mat and realized I just couldn't put my foot up by my hand anymore. And when I bent over to do some stretchy thing sitting in cross-legged, my belly hit my ankle and just kind of plopped there. There's a girl in the class (also a Stephanie, whom I quite like.), and I looked over at her at one point and she's flailing about as well. We all were. It was friggin' hilarious.

Our instructor, Brenna (a gem), is this gorgeous thin flexible creature WHOM I USED TO BE! I used to be in modelling. I used to be in figure skating, in majorettes, in syncronized swimming. I went to circus school. I used to be graceful and flexible and nimble.

And there I was, flailing about on the floor like a fish washed up on the shore.

A very very heavy fish.

It was a fun night at yoga.

Tomorrow, I'm 27 weeks along. Shall report back!


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