Sunday, October 26, 2008

Random updates.

Just a few notes for tonight:

Re: my cold. Thanks so much for your well wishes. This cold is actually the worse part of my pregnancy. It's been a breeze up until now. And it's just the cold that is bad, the pregnancy still rocks!

Re: rolling over at night. I was trying to put it into words but couldn't exactly find the right way to describe it. Some ways you all did was beached whale (yes), production (yes) ordeal (yes), but I've finally found the phrase that I've been trying to reach.... it's like a friggin' three-point turn! Seriously, it's like a 3-point turn.

Re: cloth diapers: back to wanting to use them. If they don't work with our little guys needs, we'll just use disposable instead. Done.

Re: vaccinations: just now ordered the Dr. Sears (his son actually, Robert I think?) book on vaccines. We'll see.... lots more posts on this topic, I'm sure.

And a final note before I shut the light off for the night: it is easy to second guess myself about so many decisions -from what colour to paint the nursery, to the circumcision decision. BUT, I do have to trust that I'm not the first woman to ever go through this. Every mom was, at one time, a first timer! I have to remember that and continue on.

And right now I'm going to continue on with putting myself into bed for the night! I'm exhausted.


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