Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BC Women's Hospital is officially "baby-friendly"!

Here's a brief synapsis of the World Health Organization's initiative for Baby Friendly designation.

I'm thrilled!

I had relaxed a bit after the last doctor's appointment and chatting with my OB about what I want and don't want for my baby at birth/following birth. She was right there with me. She didn't fight me on anything I wanted. It was a non-issue. She was supportive. And here I was panicking for months because other women had told me that hospitals are difficult to deal with and they/the nurses/the doctors might fight me when it comes to ie: eye ointment, breastfeeding, etc etc, but not at all! And now, knowing that BC Women's is officially designated as Baby-Friendly, I can completely relax in knowing I'll be supported in breastfeeding (among other things) during my stay at the hospital.



C. Beth said...

Fun blog! I'm so glad The One Minute Writer is helping you--thank you for taking the time to e-mail me AND for linking to my blog!

So wonderful that your hospital is Baby-Friendly. That's truly a huge blessing. I gave birth to my first in a good hospital maternity ward but not GREAT. I gave birth to the second at a birthing center, midwife-run, in the water. (DEFINITELY Baby-Friendly!) It was incredible.

Good luck and God bless!

Oh, and yes, the Bumbo is worth it. I hear the trays that go on them are awesome too. Just watch your kiddo; some of them can arch up and get out of the Bumbo--definitely don't put it up on any surface. My little guy did that a couple of times. I still use mine for my toddler, when I'm cutting her hair, etc.

Clearly I do NOT limit my comments to one minute. :)


Stephi said...

@c.beth: thanks for the comments, and for the Bumbo input!

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