Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So this is the stroller we've registered for:

And this is the one I'm looking at instead:

Specific questions I'd love it if any of you could answer for me in the comments:

  • is the Mosaic (2nd one) easy to fit into trunk/compact/light in weight?
  • any of you wish you had of had a food tray on your stroller instead of just an arm bar?



gigibelts said...

Food trays are always great because as the baby gets older and can feed himself/herself, its a great way to have snacks on the run. I don't know about this particular stroller but I do have something similar to the green one you have. Just remember, the lighter the stroller the easier it is on your back.

Brittanny Downey-MacDonald said...

Hi Steph,

Stroller's are such a pain to pick out...my only advice, and you probably will not like it, is to get a stroller that has a single bar handle for you to push with rather than the two individual handle bars featured on these models. The reason for this is that once you have the weight of the baby in the stroller they are very difficult to push with one hand. Makes it difficult to carry shopping bags, latte, or your baby if he/she is fussing, These models require two hands or they go sideways. Of all the moms in my mommy group (14 of them) this is the number 1 complaint about the two handled strollers. Hope this helps, brittanny (mommyphat)

alix said...

You know you're not a Mom when......these two strollers look exactly the same to me and I thought you were being funny.

Stephi said...

@gigibelts: perfect. Thanks for the heads up. I agree about the food tray, just didn't know if I was being too "over the top" with what I wanted vs. what might be needed.

@brittanny: I never thought of that - I actually thought the two handles would be easier to navigate with one hand! Thanks for your input, that REALLY helps in my decision! I'll always listen to moms before manufacturers!

@alix: *speechless*

@alix: ok, I'm actually laughing my a** off. You totally made my day!

Alexis said...

I actually have the Mosaic and love it, and don't have any issue with steering the stroller one handed because it's really lightweight and maneuvers easily. It folds up really compactly and fits easily in my car - an Echo hatchback, so tiny!

Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

I don't think I ever used the food tray with either of my girls. The stroller was only ever used for walks around the neighbourhood or walks around the mall. If we stopped to eat, I would always take the baby out.

My big complaint with my stoller (which was just like these) was the two, huge, wheels in the front. Do you know how hard it is to wheel those things around ~any~ store. They do not make the aisles big enough. I remember how aggravating that was. I think I'll get myself one of those "one wheel in the front jobbies" this time around.

Anonymous said...

I like the second one - the one that you are "looking" at. It looks more light weight and easier to store. The foodtray - I never had one for either baby and never wished that I had either.....Hope that helps, somewhat. : )

Anonymous said...

I've been using a jogging stroller, which I love. Smooth ride and easy handling on the road. But my biggest issuses are height of the handle, ( I'm tall ) quality of the wheels, (smooth ride for napping and for getting around, rubber is better, not plastic ) comfortable and reclining seat for baby, when older, and light weight, ( folding and putting in trunk). Oh yes cup holders, at the handle, which can be added on and a food try is nice if your baby is the type that eats smaller meals often. Have fun. Katherine

Anonymous said...

maybe your baby will HATE any stroller that you pick out and you will end up with 3 different strollers (some even being given to you) that sit on your deck and gather dust. maybe.

P.S. I have the Graco WITH the food tray and even though it is an older model - you can have it if you want it for free! What do you think of that?

Love NIcola

Anonymous said...

I should also add that the jogging stroller we have was the saving grace for nap time - she never went for walks awake in it, but we would put her in and throw a large blanket over it and walk for 10km for her naps (little slave driver). I would suggest you don't get into that habit! :)

Nicola (again)

Susan said...

I had purchased the Graco Tour Deluxe set too. It's fine as a stroller system but soon I got really tired of manouvering those darn four wheels around. The great thing about the Graco stroller is the basket at the bottom. It will hold everything!

I ended up purchasing the Bob Revolution after the baby was about 6 months old and using it as our primary stroller and using the Graco for our other car. I don't jog, so I don't use it as a jogging stroller. Actually, every mom I know who has it doesn't use it to jog. The wheels on it are awesome! Sooo smooth. There are only 3 and that makes a huge difference in turning.

Yes, the Bob was more expensive but that stroller can actually be moved around with one hand. If you get the bar attachment for the Bob it will fit the Graco Safeseat and Snugride Car seats and then later on when you don't need to use the carseat anymore, you can attach the snack tray. The Graco and the Bob weigh pretty much the same to me. I'm 5 feet tall and I can put both of them in the cars. I'm sorry if you have already decided on the Graco and now I've messed up your thinking. I just wanted to let you know from my experience. In the end, both strollers are good and safe, it just depends what you want to use it for.

Susan (email me if you want to hear more..don't want to take up too much room here)

Stephi said...

@Susan: thanks for your input! I'm actually now thinking of going with a (used) Peg Perego and getting the adaptor for a Graco infant car seat in a matching colour. I've tried everything (except I haven't heard of the Bob one) and it rolls the best. Turns the best. Folds the best. WEIGHS the best. BUT, the basket is a bit smaller than I'd like. You can't win them all! Thanks for your input.

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