Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forty plus One.

40 weeks and 1 day.

Went to see the doctor today; had only one question: If water breaks at home can I still have a shower?

Now, I know that there's only an 8-15% chance of membranes rupturing before labour, but I thought I had read somewhere that you shouldn't have a bath or shower if they do, because of infection. AND, I don't want to go to the hospital looking like I do when I crawl out of bed in the morning. Vain, I know....

Showering is no problem. And that lead to the rest of the conversation that put everything it it's place:

If the water breaks and it's clear, put a pad on and go back to bed (or carry on with your day) until labour starts. If labour hasn't started within 24 hours, go to hospital. If water breaks and it's a bit green or brown or seriously pink/red, go to hospital (which we learned in the prenatal class). Either way, as this is our first, I'm calling the hospital, lol!

She asked if I wanted a membrane sweep and I said no. I'd rather wait to see if labour starts on it's own (I'm only one day overdue after all. And who says, really, that I'm overdue? It's a science, but not an exact science), or go through some more natural methods of induction to get things started. She checked to see if/how dilated I am and I'm not at all. Cervix is posterior and closed completely, so we wouldn't have done the sweep anyway (major discomfort for me apparently if cervix is closed). I mentioned my Chinese doctor (Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine... not just that she's Chinese, lol!) and I'd probably pop in for some acupuncture to see if that helps get things moving. (Plus I haven't seen her since I was just four months along and I rather miss her!) I'm also going to call my massage therapist as there are pressure points that may help.

So, I'll do both of these as soon as I can. So nice and relaxing as well! That alone may help!

On the medical side, if I haven't had the baby by Monday (Feb 2), I'll go in to BC Women's for an ultrasound on Tuesday (Feb 3). If all looks fine and dandy, I'll be left alone until Friday (Feb 6) at which point I'll be induced, medically (if nothing has happened naturally by that point). If there is any concern, however, with the ultrasound and monitoring (with fluid, or heartbeat, or or or??), I'll be admitted and induced at that point.

Once I got back in my body after that chat I realized those are NOT NEXT STEPS! They are an "in case" scenario. Even she said that most times everything happens naturally and there are no medical interventions needed but they do want to see the little guy on Tuesday to make sure all is well.

But I'm a worrier.

So what I have to do is simply switch the energetic around to one that is less of a "Oh God, something is wrong and I need these interventions", to more of a "Wow, aren't we lucky that this medical help is available to us if we need it."

So, all in all, it was a really good, really informative appointment today.

And some great news?

My Godmother is coming out for a visit next month, and my Aunt is coming for a visit it May!

Share your suggestions and thoughts on natural labour inducers or medical intervention in the comments. Would LOVE to get your input!

All for now.


Stephanie said...

I have no input on such BUT it would be lovely if the little guy came on February 4th. I'm not stingy, I love to share my day of birth! {Though I'm not holding out on this whim as the mommy might be quite uncomfortable by then!}

Lexi said...

Friends of mine swear by sex. Their daughter was born 2 weeks early - the day after Valentine's Day. Grin.

Anonymous said...

Play some music to your vagina! He might come out for a dance!

Sending light... xoNicola

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