Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh My God.

I'm done!

I just checked my calendar for the coming week and I've got nothing to do! I don't have to run around picking up this and that for the baby. I don't have anything else to buy, that can't be bought afterwards. I don't have to prepare any dinners to freeze for the first month at home.

Not because I've done that already, but just because I've given up caring.

And I've also given up trying to find space in our freezer. I mean between the lamb and the frozen maxi pads.....

And Donald, thank goodness, looks at me the other night when I was fretting about his friend's yummy meatball recipe that she can't find, and says, "Don't worry honey, one thing we'll never be is hungry." To me, that means he totally just volunteered to cook!

We've cleaned the house top to bottom (Yes! Finally took down the Christmas tree and outdoor lights!) so it's nice and clean and dustless for baby. (Whom I still think is going to come early. We've got 9 days until the "guess date" and he's dropped more. Just noticed thismorning.) Diapers arrived and are put away. Everything is in it's place.

And so now we wait.


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