Thursday, January 15, 2009

(I am not running in this marathon, but I AM nearing the finish line!)

You know what's freaky?

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and there are no more updates coming from or or whatever. Well, there ARE, but they're saying to "check the newborn section".

My God!

I've got a fully developed newborn just laying in wait. Lungs still have a bit to go but apparently they keep on developing well after he's here.

I've got a whole baby in there! About to come out!

Things are moving along "here on the outside". Some things I've noticed is that I'm peeing more and more (and more and more), waddling more and more and more and more and my boobs are growing more (only a little more, not more and more and more). I'm excited, and happy and feel so alive. Yes, I feel big and heavy at times, I still enjoy my naps and am getting the odd bout of heartburn, but I feel so healthy. So good!

Friends and family are always checking in as they know he could come anyday. It's great to get those phone calls and updates and comments on the blog. This little guy is so loved and welcomed already. Even the cats know he's almost here. Not only are they sleeping on me, they're pawing my face (gently) (and yes, it's bizarre), they're being very vocal when they're around me and they just won't leave me alone. It's delightful!

The diaper service arrived today. Very exciting! So I'm putting all of that away tonight and organizing everything. Crib is arriving on the 21st (yes, it's Stork Craft but don't know if it's a model that needs the new brackets. Will find out on 21st!), even though we hopefully won't need it for a few months - we're really wanting to use the Amby in our room, which we'll put together after we get home from hospital. We just hope he takes to it.
I'm doing a massive cleaning of the house - partly because it desperately needs it, partly because I won't have that much time for a while to get to it, and mostly because I don't want bunny dusts floating around with a newborn! I'm also going to pick up a book that has nothing to do with pregnancy or child birth or parenting! Maybe the next in the Narnia series - something to totally take me away. I am, however, keeping up with the Hypnobirthing cd that came with the book - both to recall the relaxation and breathing exercises for labor and delivery, and also because it's a great meditation! I enjoy her voice. (Update on the review... the book totally took a turn for the better and she was wonderful when talking about hospital deliveries and staff, etc.)

You know what else I'm really looking forward to?

Watching my husband become a father.

I've recently watched my best friend become a mother and it was amazing to witness. It's just awesome really. She's a gentle soul to begin with, but to see her with her month-old little guy just takes my breath away. I'm so happy for her and it's just so awesome to watch her make this transition.

So I'm really curious how I'll be. And I'm really really looking forward to seeing Donald make that transition. If there's even any transition to make. I mean one minute you're you, the next minute your someone's parent.

Someone's parent!

All for now.


Norma-ann at The Mommy Project said...

Best of luck to you. You are SO close. I hope everything goes great.


Stephi said...

@Norma-ann, thanks! And you're getting close too! Best wishes to you!

likelyto said...

Yay Stephanie! You're so near the end and yet have the wonderful clarity of mind and spirit to remain present in each day. Congratulations! This approach will serve you well as a mother.

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