Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boy oh boy can you tell I'm getting close.

I'm active and alert and have energy and don't really need to nap anymore.

But am I ever slow.

All around slow. Slow to do things, physically. My body is slower. I'm walking slower. That's partly to do with the actual physicality of a pregnant person, and partly because I'm completely taking my time. I'm enjoying every minute I have. Relishing in it. Not for any other reason than I know how drastically my life is about to change. (Well, I actually have no idea just how drastically, but I know it will be a drastic change!) I'm having longer conversations with my husband. I'm actually listening to him and paying attention to what he's saying! I'm enjoying phone conversations with friends. And even family! I'm not rushing to get out of bed in the morning (except if for some miraculous reason I didn't get up three times during the night to pee. Then I definitely rush to get out of bed, lol!), I'm taking my time, talking and cuddling with the cats, flipping on the morning news, looking at the spot where the amby is going and then sort of freaking out that any day now it will be put together and there will be a baby in it! EGADS!

Even though I'm enjoying my time and the time with my husband right now and the quiet, I'm totally excited for the birth of my son. I'm excited to meet him. To see this little guy who's been poking at me from the inside for all these months. Who started out as this:

and is now a person. A Whole. Friggin'. Person. A gorgeous being! Donald and I made a person! And we're about to meet him! It's just bizarre. Surreal.

Until he's here and it's not anymore. From the sur-real, to the so-real.

I was at a birthday party last night talking with some other women (three of us pregnant), and I said how much I am looking forward to the whole experience of childbirth. Even the labour! The ones who have not had children looked mortified. Which I understand completely because I was there not too long ago. But now? I'm totally excited for it! Anxious, yes, but excited more so.

It simply means that my little guy is that much closer to being here with us. It means he's on his way!

Loving these last few weeks.

And so I suppose we should probably take down the Christmas tree so we're not scrambling to do it with a newborn in the house....

All for now.


Stephanie said...

The Christmas tree is stiillllllll up?! Leave it up and when the little guy comes, celebrate his first Christmas early!

I'm so excited for you and I hope you'll continue blogging after he's here. (Though I'd understand if there wasn't too much time for that...) You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Stephi said...

haha! Yes, Christmas tree STILL up. No decorations on it, just sitting there, naked, in living room and bugging me. I'm still going to blog after his arrival - and keep the good mojo coming for my little guy's adventure to get here!

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