Sunday, February 1, 2009

40 weeks 5 days.

I am SO restless. We both are. It's like knowing a Vegas trip is only 2 days away.

Only better.

And scarier. Hey, at least I know what to expect in Vegas!

I have another acupuncture appointment tomorrow so we'll see if that moves things along. Plus it's just a bonus to visit with Dr. Tanya. And have a nice, relaxing session. You know really, I can do as much of this as I want but the truth is, it's either going to happen naturally or it's not. Simple as that. He'll arrive in the way that he's supposed to arrive. I don't have much say in it. Other than putting off any medical interventions for as long as it's safe to. I'm not about to jeopardize his health and safety in any way so I'll definitely do what needs to be done. But only when it needs to be done.

Donald is pretty much done work now except for going in for a few hours early tomorrow morning. At least I'll have company in my restlessness until labour starts. IF it starts on it's own. WHEN it starts on it's own.

We're going to be all prepared (I've got to work on being emotionally prepared) for Tuesday and the possibility that we may be admitted and induced. (First time on this site?: If I don't go into labour NOW (ok, ok, I have until tomorrow), we go in on Tuesday for an ultrasound and monitoring. If there's anything that makes the doctors uncomfortable with what they might see/find, we'll be admitted.) So we're doing laundry, cleaning up our room, making sure cats are fed, all that good stuff on Tuesday morning.

Just in case.

Whatever it takes to make sure he arrives safely. Count me in.



Lexi said...

It might help if you're able to stop thinking of induction as unnatural. Baby's born = natural. Especially if you're able to labour and deliver vaginally. Being induced does not take away from the experience/process! It just removes some of the guesswork...

Stephi said...

Oh Lexi, this is the perfect advice for me today. It totally helped to shift the energetic around. But jumping right from nothing to active labour is kinda freaky.... I really want to experience the onset of labour, the early labour, the counting of the contractions, all that stuff. BUT, it is what it is and will be as it's supposed to be. And my baby will be in my arms at the end of it!

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