Monday, February 2, 2009

40 weeks 6 days.

Went for acupuncture round #2 today with Dr. Tanya. It was different. Something has shifted. Can't quite put my finger on it, other than the fact that I'm SO READY (!) and perhaps it will all happen very soon. Perhaps he'll decide that it's time and things will start moving along. Like right now. Ok, Ok, wishful thinking.

Both Dr. Tanya and my mom seem to think I've dropped even more. I didn't think there was any more room to drop, lol!

I'm having alot of cramping and pressure happening, but, alas, still no labour.

He's still very very active in there. As for me, I'm not so active. It takes so much energy just sitting down for crying out loud! More of the mucus plug is breaking up (at least I think that's what's happening!). And yet, still no labour. Argh.

Tomorrow morning we're off to BC Women's for the ultrasound and monitoring. We'll learn more at that point - and I'll get to see him again! - and I'll have lots of info to digest and research. Started to look into medical inductions earlier thismorning so will keep up with it tomorrow (if all looks good with him and we aren't admitted!) so I have a clear picture of what exactly we're in for... IF we have to go that route.

All for now. Time to crawl into bed and hope I can sleep for more than 2 hours straight! (I'm sure I'll be saying that in a week or so too... but for a much better reason!)


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