Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar doesn't smell.

I mean, he sure does when he poops, and his head does after he spits up (boy does it ever), but he doesn't have that baby smell.

I was looking forward to that smell. My friend's babies all have that smell. Why not Oscar? Where does the baby smell come from?

Or is it simply the Johnson & Johnson that makes babies smell, and Oscar doesn't because I don't use those products?

What's going on? Why doesn't my baby smell like baby?


Anonymous said...

I think it's the 'Baby's Own' soap that makes a baby have the 'baby' smell. I was let down too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that comment was from me, Margaret...I just don't know how to use twitter.

Anonymous said...

See if other people smell Oscar and experience the "baby smell". I think he probably smells like you right now, so you can't detect it. Adaira seemed to have the smell and we didn't use Baby's Own, but I don't recollect it being until she was 1 month or more old. Or maybe recently pregnant women haven't gotten their ofactory sense sorted out yet. Heaven knows it takes a while for everything to level out again!

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