Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oscar has discovered his hands!

And I don't mean by mistake when one lands in his mouth... I mean I caught him holding it in front of his face and staring at it.

At least, I think he was staring at it... one of his eyes is still crisscrossy so he might have actually been looking at me. Or past me. Or at a piece of lint. Or at nothing.

But it LOOKED like he was staring at his hand....


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brittanny Downey-MacDonald said...

Hi Stephi,

Sorry to hear your recover has been so difficult. But glad to hear you will be seeing someone at the reproductive mental health centre. I went there and it really helped. Also you may want to look into the group called mammaspeak with meralon Shandler. She is great and her groups for new moms are very helpful and supportive. Take care, Brittanny (mommyphat) PS the weird belly does get better!

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