Saturday, March 14, 2009

We've graduated from breastfeeding school!

Went to the clinic yesterday to follow up with O's thrush and weight gain.

He's gained properly, thank god! Now we only have to offer him 1oz of formula and monitor his weight gain over the next few weeks and that's that. He might need a bit of supplementation for a long time, or he might not. Good times.

And the thrush?

He didn't have it. He has Epstein Pearls. Jesus. So he had a week of meds without needing them. Just great.

On another note... something very cool a friend told me: When you're changing your child, the smell of his poo does something to your system (whether you can actually smell it or not) and your body changes the milk to be more of what your child needs.

All my the smell of his poop!


I love how the body is a mystery.

Another mystery that I'd prefer remain a mystery?

Happy Pi Day!


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Mommy Project said...

Oh no! Does that mean I have to start changing Lily-Pie's diapers?? My hubby does that job 95% of the time. I'm the feeder, he's the changer. I kinda' like it that way. :)

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