Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is Picachu the Sea Turtle. He's my little friend. did he get there? Picachu the Sea Turtle kind of startled me!

Sometimes I forget Picachu exists, even when I'm holding onto him.

Oh My God! I'm holding him! Picachu the Sea Turtle is in my hand!

In case you couldn't tell, just a few minutes ago, Oscar learned how to hold something in his hand. On purpose even!

We were having some activity time and I put Picachu in his hand to see what he'd do. He closed his little fingers around him, threw his arm up in the air, and then followed it with his eyes! He knew what was going on!

YAY! Oscar learned how to hold onto something!

Next up? Times table.


Lexi said...

Okay, he is so cute I could die. Must meet him!

Mommy Project said...

So adorable!!!
I think he's going to be an athlete! He has excellent hand/eye co-ordination already! :)
Lily-Pie still has no great interest in her hands. I think she'll be a talker, though. She babbles a lot.

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