Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're off to the rec centre today to weigh Oscar again. He's gaining, he's healthy, all is good, just want to tap off this whole gong show with a final weigh in on the same scale for consistency.

Grampi and Nanny are in town visiting him so we're hitting the mall afterwards instead of sludging around Gastown and Robson in the rain.

So... last Wednesday when I went to weigh the little dude, The Warden was there. Interesting to watch the dynamics play out around her.

See, when she came for her visit with us when we brought Oscar home, she was a bully. She walked in with attitude (you could actually see it in her aura when she was pulling up the street!). I call it Power Over, Donald calls it Justifying her Job.

Either way, she was a bully. She was using fear to communicate with us.

It sucked.

For a new mother just home from the hospital with her baby, not getting sleep and not feeling well (by now you know O's birth story and my shitty recovery), it was overwhelming enough just breathing, let alone have this monster show up at your door.

Because I'm in a bit of a cranky mood right now, I could call her a b.i.t.c.h, but I won't. I'll stick with the Bully and Power Over dynamic. Because that's all it boils down to.

Anyway, to make a long story longer... walking into the rec centre last week was an interesting time.

She was sitting there with her folders and clip board, all alone in the corner. Interesting for sure.

After I took Oscar off the scale I wanted to chat with one of the nurses about his gain and chart it. Of course, as the universe is comical, I was assigned her, the Warden.

She had the nerve to motion "two minutes".

For what? She wasn't with another client. There was nobody waiting for her. She was sitting alone in the corner with her folders and clip board doing nothing. And yet she made me wait for two minutes.

I thought it was kind of funny then. I mean, I was in no rush at all, I had all afternoon. So I plopped down beside her and started to feed Oscar. After her two minutes were up, she turned to me and I SO WANTED TO ASK HER TO WAIT FOR A FEW MINUTES, but really, what was the point?

She wasn't such a bully this time. Surrounded by moms and babies who are now knowing more of what they are doing and are now more confident in their rolls as mothers, she had no power.

She knows babies in general, on paper only.

Moms know their babies.

Yes, it was very interesting.

I don't like people like that. Bullies. I have a few in my life that I've tried unsuccessfully for years to get rid of. Must mean I have more to learn from them I suppose....




Mommy Project said...

"more to learn from them"...
that is a very interesting way to look at it.
I'll have to try that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like seeing her again was a quasi positive experience. Glad to hear O is gaining. He's getting big!


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